Thursday, February 17, 2011

Up Close and Personal at Binetti Presentation

Kati here, helping Fashion Herald with Fashion Week Coverage.

I attended the Binetti Presentation on Saturday morning, and I was shocked to find a crowded room of people staring at still-life frozen models. I'm sure this is old news for insiders, but this was my first presentation. Creepy frozen models aside, these colorful hanger shapes are great! We've got #hangerhands, #hangercats, #hangershades... I want more! How about #hangerparrots? Or maybe even #hangerturbans?

Looking for the vaguest sign of life from these girls, I ran over to where the models were prepping for photographs. I stood mesmerized watching the stylist re-spray the models hair, and then in front of the white backdrop, their slooooooowwww movements between pose changes. These girls were good; no photo blurs here.