Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Happy 200th Birthday, Horace!

Horace Greeley statue in a postcard from the early 1900's. See how the ladies are holding up their skirts to keep them off the street? They must have had great triceps back then.

"Fashion Greeley" just didn't sound quite right back in 2007 when we were naming this 34th Street shopping blog (we manage both Herald and Greeley Squares). But that doesn't mean we don't love Mr. Horace Greeley. To show just how much we admire his contributions to New York City's publishing world (and other accomplishments), we're rededicating his Greeley Square statue in Midtown Manhattan this Thursday at 11am to commemorate his 200th birthday. Visit our sister blog for a little background on Horace and more event details, but here's a teaser: "Horace" himself will be in attendance wearing all white, topcoat, hat and all, because that's how he dressed every day back in the late, dusty and dirty 1800's. Now that's dedication to a signature look.

Measuring Horace's head for a big white hat handmade by Martin Izquierdo Studios. Did Horace Greeley really say "Go west young man?" Let's ask Wikipedia.

Our fabulous 'wichcraft kiosk will be there for your hot chocolate and cookie needs. And Horace Greeley High School's Theater Repertory Group and Madrigal Choir will be performing also, so come on down, say Happy Birthday to Horace, and help us celebrate a truly unusual and admirable historical personality.

Event:  Happy 200th Birthday Horace Greeley
Date:   February 3, 2011
Time:  11:00 a.m.
Place:  Greeley Square Park (Between 32nd and 33rd Streets; Broadway and 6th Avenue)


La Belette Rouge said...

Happy Birthday, Horace!!xo