Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Mara Hoffman Fall '11 Show

Mara Hoffman Fall '11: "The juxtaposition of spiritual being and warrior, 'where veil meets turban...'” 
Photo courtesy of People's Revolution.

Mara Hoffman was my first fashion week show, and a presentation. I love a presentation: you get close-up photos, you can really see the clothes, and the designer is always standing around talking to press, etc. The only drawback is surfing through the crowd, and Mara Hoffman was packed.

A lovely and pregnant Mara Hoffman.

I told my accompanying friend to keep me away from the pregnant designer as I was afraid of accosting her with baby gushing. Yes, I'm one of those moms who is a sap around pregnant women as they set off all my reproductive bells. It's like an illness. Or something that keeps the human race going.

So I backed away slowly from the pregnant woman and focused on the clothes. There were some gorgeous hits:
I want this entire look, accessories and all.

And a few misses, as in any bold show that shows strong direction and inspiration. I wasn't hot on the black tassel dress (pictured above) or the floor-length hoods, but most of the flowing dresses were perfect. Hoffman's prints, the cut-out backs, the coats, all were wearable standouts. And yes, I truly did get the "juxtaposition of spiritual being and warrior" as stated in Hoffman's PR release. Seriously, how often does that happen? Next I'll be understanding artist statements at gallery shows and stuff.


La Belette Rouge said...

Looking at these amazing warrior/spiritual beings makes me feel all too human. This is definitely goddess wear!