Saturday, February 12, 2011

Yoana Baraschi Fall '11

Lindsey helps out with New York Fashion Week. Enjoy her comments & photos below!

Yoana Baraschi delivered a quirky show, splashed with polka dots, tints of coffee in color, and all means of stripes.

These two looks illustrate contrasting styles that recurred through the show: one a lovely blouse dress that hails from the eighties, and the other all glitzy dress and oversized fur coat.

Likes: a sophisticated schoolgirl look on this striped overcoat in the background, and a martini print dress in the foreground. Black and red looked chic in this show, right down to the shoes.

I’ve been seeing this furry coat everywhere these days. Perhaps a bit overplayed this season, even in the fashion week crowds. The shades of red and tan on the blouse underneath I find more appealing.

One of the more interesting looks of the day. The proportions remind me of a matador costume.

This is fur coat done right, particularly with the small but important details like polka dots and red socks. Borrow these for fall and update last year's fur.

I love these subdued blue-black stripes, wider on top and more delicate and narrow in the skirt. Is this contrast making horizontal stripes your friend? The beautiful mustard colored top and scarf is a bold addition. Baraschi utilizes pops of color so well.