Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Yearning for Tuleh

It is so much more fun going to shows with a girlfriend. This is my #1 advice for Fashion Week, along with "Grab As Many LU Cookies As You Can." Sunday night I met Lindsey in the tents for Tuleh. She was running a little late, so I got her a drink at the bar as there's always a line. I actually said to the bartender "It's for my friend!" No one looked convinced.

Click to see the gorgeous lace on the back of the black top.

But the Tuleh show had me totally convinced. First, I loved the hair. Big, romantic, and loose. Almost enough to make me not cut mine next week. Almost. And then the clothes, at which I was saying to Lindsey through most of the show "you need that," "that is so you," "oh my god you need that," and "that's me." And, at the end, during the bridal portion (I LOVE a bridal finish), I found the dress that may convince me to get married again (to the same guy, of course). The dress on the right is, naturally, for Lindsey's first:

Some shows just make you yearn. Yearn for the lifestyle where you can have sexy, crazy-housewife hair, yearn to look slightly demented and fabulous, and yearn to renew your vows in amazing puffy shoulders and dramatic veils. I want to go to a show and dream of wearing the clothes in my fantasy life. That, to me, is fashion. Here, more perfectly tailored crazy girls:

Stripes and black lace, yes. The middle is my favorite: I just tied up this amazing tunic with the curtain cord and I'm coming to get you. After my martini.

This first model gets my vote for best slightly-demented-but-I'm fabulous look.

Marching wonders.


Anonymous said...

I think Tuleh will always win simply because they're named tuleh. That is just an awesome word!

And I got a chance to see the Christian Siriano boots at Payless this past weekend! I fell in love with those satiny boots too! I didn't know they came in black too! Soooo cute. =)

WendyB said...

My new policy is that if no one pukes at the show, it isn't fun.

Kira Aderne said...

Fantastic dresses!!!

Love love!