Saturday, September 12, 2009

Fashion Week: Day Two

Already a day behind in FW posting. Pictures below are from Monarchy SS '10 Show at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week.

7:30am Overslept for sonogram appointment at hospital thanks to late night kvetch w/sister on phone. Shower and pray leggings still fit burgeoning belly. Coerce yellow cat to swallow meds. Yellow cat hair now all over black clothing.

Walk over Pulaski Bridge in torrential downpour/windstorm. Why did I waste time flat ironing hair?

9:30am Make hospital on time, but can see from packed waiting room that morning will be spent with pregnant women, sensible shoes, and grouchy husbands, not 5-inch-heeled bloggers and editors.

10:00am Send scolding mental message across room to husband complaining endlessly about delay.

Am examined. One of the best in the city, my sono guy isn't great w/communication. "Mumble mumble something baby...mumble mumble."

10:45am This I hear loud and clear: "7 pounds 6 ounces."

11:00am Back in waiting room sitting next to impatient male. Very important, busy man pulls out smelly peanut butter sandwich. Am starting petition to ban men from waiting room.

11:25am Can't believe guy sits in chair complaining as pregnant women arrive in room to no seating. Give up your seat, smelly food eater!

11:45am Am hooked up to monitor listening to baby move. Awake, active, and noisy. Will miss noon Twinkle show, but who cares?

12:15am Go to dr.'s office across street for 36-week checkup. Amateur preggo couple glare at my coffee cup (decaf). Ha! I'm enormous, should be guzzling coffee.

12:25am Waiting grandma tells couple with adorable toddler named Max "That's a very common name." Almost spit out decaf.

1:10pm Done with doctors.

3:00pm In tents. At Monarchy check-in see My Own Judge who kindly gives me seat assignment. Bloggers unite.

3:40ish Show begins. This collection grew up since last season, and it's a lot less rebellious too. West Coast casual chic with just enough sophistication to make it stand apart from the usual denim set. Nothing mind-boggling or exciting, but certainly easy on the eye: muted tones, metallics (common theme w/several collections so far), great cropped and floating-hem tops, cute, nerdy, heavy-framed eyeglasses, and guys with Western-style neckerchiefs. Really v. urban cowboy, but what's to complain about that?


WendyB said...

My sister was proud when she came up for "Max" for her dog, and about a day later an article came out saying Max was the #1 most common dog name. I'm not sure what its rank is for babies. Your baby is already over 7 lbs?! Are you sure you don't want to quit while you're ahead and have it right now?

Make Do Style said...

Okay Wendy is pulling no punches here ref size. It won't grow much more at max only an couple of ounces a week - you'll be two weeks early so it will all even out!

Unknown said...

he totally should have given up his seat. collection sounds wearable ..although crop-tops I'd prefer not return. it's only because I'm old though and can't wear them any more.

Tricia said...

WendyB - 4 weeks to due date, full term is technically next weekend. My doctors are all about patiently waiting, so this should be interesting.
Make Do - I think we need to start a labor pool. But I really like what you're saying, except I've got a lot of work to prepare in two weeks!
love Maegan - darn straight. The collection looked v. wearable, and the tops moved prettily, but no, I'm not wearing no crop top either!

Miss Yaya said...

glad to help :)

i think you should've screamed at stinky PB guy to give up his seat. after all, you would have plenty pregnant and hormonal backup :)

i look forward to the day when I'm big bellied and outspoken as all hell