Thursday, September 3, 2009

Don't Mess with Granny

Underpinnings are my problematic maternity area. I thought I had solved this problem but then I kept on growing. Thus the vow taken today at JCPenney's Intimates checkout line that went something like: "This will be the only time I buy enormous panties that people, like the European tourists standing next to me in the enormous pantie section, will crassly make fun of." What, no granny panties in Europe? Big underwear is now a tourist attraction?! Of course I waited till they walked away, then grabbed my granny panties and dashed to checkout. Oh well, I held out as long as I could, but at 8 1/2 months it's time to throw in the towel. Or the huge pantie.

Nope, no way, no photo. Click on link above if you want to see what I bought.

I did try A Pea in the Pod on Macy's Herald Square's 3rd floor, but their underwear is on the pricey side and the fit hit me mid-belly. The Bali granny panties covered everything and were 3 for $16.20. JCP is having multiple sales, so I got a double discount on these. Normally they are 3 for $24, or one for $9. But Macy's Pea in the Pod does have a great summer dress sale, with many soft Velvet styles wearable for the next month or so.

Here are some pictures of non-tourist-attraction clothing spotted at JCPenney:

New fall, I Heart Ronson pieces: blue, multi-stripe leggings, $30, brown faux-leather coat $72. Most of the Ronson is 40% off.

Red AllenB evening dress, $150 (probably also on sale), and deep purple (or "eggplant") corduroy Izod jacket, $64. Izod separates are 40% off.

Macy's Herald Square, 151 W. 34th btwn Broadway & 7th
JCPenney Manhattan Mall, 33rd & 6th Ave.


gg said...

Really? No Picture? That's no fun. ;-)
I think our hybrid will be big too-- I was 10 pounds coming out!

WendyB said...

It's good to know where the European tourists hang out so I can avoid them.

Imelda Matt - The Despotic Queen of Shoes said...

'What, no granny panties in Europe? Big underwear is now a tourist attraction?!' - I just shat myself, I was laughing that hard.

Is it creepy that I kinda think the granny pantie is is, isn't it!

Tricia said...

gg - 10.5! but i was #6.
Wendy - another tip - pretty much all of 34th Street.
Imelda - huh, I actually don't find that creepy, I mean, the right pair can look sort of pin-up-ish.

Anonymous said...

Imelda Matt, yes it IS creepy.