Tuesday, September 29, 2009

RACHEL at Macy's Herald Square

I have been stalking the Rachel Roy jewelry counter at Macy's Herald Square looking for the above bracelet for Sal at Already Pretty. We figured it would be available at Macy's HS as the RACHEL Rachel Roy collection is exclusive with Macy's, and Herald Square is THE Macy's, but alas, no. We then feared it was one of those pieces that was shown but never made, until I saw it on the website today.Same bracelet? Kind of? To me it looks like a toned-down version of the first. This is getting annoying (see Christian Siriano boot disappointment). I think the times will be a-changing with how these designs are presented, promoted, and sold, with bloggers falling in love with the more bold, "inspiration" pieces, but never seeing them IRL, or a watered-down version.

Now back to Rachel Roy at Macy's Herald Square. The jewelry I can not recommend spending $$ on, as it looks cheap for the price range. But I've passed by her in-store boutiques on the second floor a couple of times now, and each time my eye is caught by a bold piece. Like these lace leggings, that do look much better and lacier in person:

And yesterday I saw a very cute, furry looking jacket for under $100. Her prices are very reasonable, and her pieces are definitely worth a try-on.

Macy's Herald Square, 151 W. 34th btwn Broadway & 7th


Anonymous said...

Even toned down, I still love that bracelet. I should totally pony up.

Thanks again for your impeccable recon work, lady! You are such a star.

Tricia said...

Sal - I can be annoyingly tenacious sometimes! I think you should order it and see how it looks irl. I just think $75 for how plastic-y the jewelry at Macy's looked is too much! But it is a great design.

39th and Broadway said...

Love Rachel Roy!

FYI gave you an award!

andtheend. said...

i thought that first shot was a shoe! and i thought it looked pretty fierce.

Tricia said...

Someone did a shoe that kind of looked like that, but with human hair! We must consult Imelda, the Despotic Queen of Shoes, because I can't remember shite right now, let alone shoe designer names!

Miss Yaya said...

id like it on my hand with paint splatters too... but... realistically.. i'd just like to see it on someone else :)