Tuesday, June 30, 2009

They'll Drop and Give You Ten

Tomorrow is the kickoff for Old Navy's Military Event. If you can show that military ID, you get 10% off all merch, including sale items, July 1st - 4th.

Will they really drop and give you 10? On a strong day I might be able to drop and give you 4.
This is all timely as today my co-worker, KT, was telling me about her love for Old Navy on 34th Street. She was there just yesterday stocking up on tanks (on sale, $5).

Note the shoes, KT's cute Payless American Eagles.

She bought several in different colors because she loves the fit (the cut of the neckline is perfect for her figure) and she layers them throughout the year. Also, she said they are comfortable and wash well. She even throws them in the dryer and they don't shrink too much.

KT recommended looking for those strappy, loose Old Navy tops that are now on sale for under $8. She also spotted several 50% off signs around the store. I'm dropping by later this week to check out maternity (again!) and the bathing suits. Old Navy has the cutest, inexpensive suits.

*Rumor has it this Military Appreciation may be extended throughout the summer. Call stores near you for details.

Old Navy, 150 W. 34th between Broadway & 7th

Monday, June 29, 2009

The Return of the Corset

I saw a lot of these at Charlotte Russe in Manhattan Mall:

But this one ($29.99) was my favorite for the ivory lace and diagonal seaming. You can expect the corset to make a return to fashion consciousness every 4 - 5 years, although I like to have a good corset top in the closet year after year. Great for dressing up a black tie look, the corset is not just for the boudoir anymore. Although it's helpful to keep a couple stashed in there, too.

Charlotte Russe, Manhattan Mall level 1, 33rd & Broadway

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Exhibits A & B

A perfect example of what Gap Herald Square is great for:

And this:

I really wanted that kimono dress (under $40, on sale), but I just got the sweatshirt (on sale, $12.99). These are both maternity, and the essence of Gap for me: perfect work clothes and perfect casual clothes that should not be passed up, especially when on sale. The sweatshirt is, yes, just a sweatshirt, but one with cute gathered sleeves. Thus it is comfortable and not totally boring.

And the dress is such a freaking perfect work maternity dress, it was torture to leave it on the rack. Someone, quick, go buy this. I'm not encouraging anyone to get themselves, how should I put it nicely?, enciente for a flowered wrap dress, but certainly people have done it for less motivation? Hmm. Comments, please.

Gap Herald Square, 60 W. 34th @ 6th Avenue

Friday, June 26, 2009

Buxom and Natural: It's Kismet

After using Bare Escentuals Buxom lip gloss/plumper, I have high hopes for all of their lip glosses. So if you're on 34th Street tomorrow from 11am - 5pm, drop by the Bare Escentuals store for a chance to win one of their 100% natural glosses at their Kismet Beauty Event.

This shade is pomegranate. I'm so buying a pomegranate (or two) this weekend.
Nothing makes me happier than everyone doing natural lines. I'm still pleased with my Victoria's Secret Pink organic and vegan shaving cream. And while I'm talking about product I've written about before, I'd like to do a Fiberwig update: just yesterday, for the first time since I bought it last September, the fibers began to flake off on my face. But aren't we supposed to change our mascara every 6 months or something? So it's probably just telling me to stop being cheap and lazy and go buy new Fiberwig.

Shhh, listen: Is your mascara trying to tell you something?

Bare Escentuals, 44 W. 34th between 5th & 6th

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Strawberry: The Graphic T

I'm so grateful to Strawberry in Manhattan Mall for stocking fun, inexpensive, and very stretchy graphic T's ($12.99). I like how you can't see where the T shirt ends and where the black "leather" paneled dressing room begins.

Instead of wearing T's that say "Baby on Board" and such, I prefer the psychedelic neon paint drips. There were also some Necessary Objects boyfriend jackets, for those of you who haven't hopped on that trend yet. A good fit and a great deal at $46.99.

The Berry's accessories department in Manhattan Mall is also quite impressive. There's a 3-for-$15 leggings sale, loads of sandals, and fun stockings. I even saw tattooed, slip-on sleeves but can't find the picture of the mannequin wearing them. They totally made me do a double-take. Tragic, perhaps, but they seemed like something good to have in your sock drawer. You never know when you'll need a fake tattooed sleeve.

Strawberry, Manhattan Mall, levels 1 & 2, 33rd & Broadway

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Faux Leather and Lace

Here's a favorite from my Charlotte Russe outing in Manhattan Mall the other day. And to dispel confusion, no, Charlotte Russe does not carry maternity. I just size up and look for empire and waist-free tops.

Let me bullet-list my every thought here:

  • If only every day of pregnancy could be so black and tactile;
  • The vinyl jacket is $29.95 and the lace top is $18.99;
  • Yes, I may wear the H&M Mama drop-crotch pants every day for the next 3 1/2 months;
  • I love how the mags say lace is out and lingerie is in;
  • If ever you are pregnant, you must shop Charlotte Russe and freak-out teenage shoppers.
Here's the strapless top by itself:

Finally, I don't think leather and lace can be mentioned together without a Stevie Nicks video. Sorry, Henley fans, but I chose this one for the lace dress, cape, and incredible feathered hair:

Stevie Nicks - Leather and Lace
by jpdc11

Charlotte Russe, Manhattan Mall, level 1, 33rd & Broadway

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Meridian Break

Due to certain time constrictions today, I'd like to cancel my *cough* regularly scheduled programming with yet another fabulous photo of tempting goods seen in Meridian's windows down 34th Street way:

How sweet it is. See how the black panel is slightly sheer? See the criss-cross design? I demand you click on this dress. Don't deny me, I'm hungry and tired and can get very grouchy!

Meridian Ladies Clothing, 977 Sixth Avenue between 35th & 36th

Monday, June 22, 2009

Guest Model: Miss Yaya

A week ago, I was lucky enough to receive these great Gap photos and commentary from Miss Yaya of I Will Be My Own Judge. But I couldn't resist judging her comments and giving them an A+. It's refreshing to have a new pair of critical eyes trying on clothes for 34th Street. Thanks, Miss Yaya! And be sure to check out her blog for comprehensive makeup reviews and Magazine Weekend picks.

"I had this green shirt from a Gap shopping trip last week, but I took a pic anyway because it's the new collection - the collar is funky and the color is bright and perfect, but it wrinkles so fast and what the heck do I do with the strings in the middle?"

I adore this color on Miss Yaya with her striking hair. Hmm, but the strings do hang kind of limp and wrinkles? Annoying.

"The scarf and cardi are so perfect I wanted to keep them forever (I bought them...)"

Beautiful. I love the neutral with the green ombre.

"This is not meant for mere humans - this is meant for preggo humans as the bottom of this dress has a mind of its own."

Hallelujah, Yaya. Us preggos are not mere humans, we're high-heel-addicted humans who wake up one day and, tragically, opt for sensible, low-heeled slip-ons.

"It looked better unbuttoned and rolled up but not enough to buy. This blazer looked so horribly wrong on me but so terribly right on the mannequin."

Well, not horribly wrong, but not terribly right, either. We can't win them all, Miss Yaya! But let's end strong:

"One of the two items I would like to buy - this dress is soft and bright and...happy :)"

So bright and happy. I really hope you bought this dress, Miss Yaya, because it is adorable on you.

Gap Herald Square, 60 W. 34th @ 6th Avenue

Saturday, June 20, 2009


Every once in a while here at the Fashion Herald I like to do a little thing called OPB, aka Other People's Business. This is anything not related to 34th Street here in Midtown Manhattan, like the Summer Solstice Designers Market Party this Sunday on Grand Street in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Click on the fliers for more details.2 for 1 mimosas and $10 bang cuts and hair trim quickies? What's not to love? Although generally I don't like to mix my champagne with hair cutting, I'm sure at the Market Party you'll be in capable hands. And speaking of 2 for 1, there is also a street festival happening on Grand Street the same day, so you can really kick off the summer in style.

Summer Solstice Designers Market Party, 251 Grand St, Williamsburg, Bklyn

Friday, June 19, 2009

Foot Locker For The Man

Those of you who have read about my husband here before understand he has shoe issues. He hates shopping, but wears shoes out like they've been used for swamp dredging.

But finally, with some major help from Melissa at Foot Locker, I managed to coerce him into actually entering a store that sells shoes.

Here are the before shots in Foot Locker on 34th Street: I love the resigned, furtive looks, as if someone (me) is going to make him try on every shoe on the wall behind him.

And after:

Another innocent succumbs to the power of great shoes. In this case, it's the Asics Gel Kayano. It's the Mercedes-Benz of running shoes.

But it was the colorful Asics Tiger that left perhaps the most lasting impact:

This is the shoe that, at first, was too tight. But after he discovered it was the biggest size available, suddenly it was "fine, it's OK, it feels really good." Oh, we've all so been there.

Here are the other finalists that didn't quite make the cut:

A Tiger hi-top, which I love as it looks like a hybrid wrestling/basketball shoe;

and this hard-to-resist Nike, their lightest running shoe inspired by the elite Kenyan marathoners who train barefoot.

That bumblebee Nike was my favorite, purely for looks-sake. But when it comes to running shoes, my man is a traditionalist and couldn't be torn from the Asics Gel. Give him some options and the man really does feel strongly about shoes.

And I couldn't let the artist go home without visiting our district's art supply store, Columbia Omni Corp. Nothing like shopping for tubes of paint. Please click on the photos so you can see that this store has just about everything stationery-related and otherwise, including a nice selection of Burt's Bees at the checkout. It's like an old-fashioned notions store, and well worth a look around if you're down by 33rd & Fifth and you love aisles packed full of everything under the sun.

Update: T-shirt worn by my model is designed by cartoonist Sergio Zuniga. Click here to buy his comics.

Foot Locker, 120 w. 34th at Broadway
Columbia Omni Corp
, 14 W. 33rd btwn 5th & 6th

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Gap CFDA Unzipped. Really.

Stopped by Gap Herald Square today to check out a little CFDA Collection, and you know I had to get a Swanepoel hat.

$39.50, and I'm totally torn. Which to buy? I love them both.
And that zipper shirt was bought at H&M back in January. I just zip it up for more belly space as I get bigger.

These hats are sized (S/M, M/L), so run and get one soon.

The Wang jackets? Well, I'd get both if I could. Just $88 and you'll get years of wear out of them. I can't say they are crazy special, but they are great khaki coats. I couldn't believe I could zip up the moto jacket, makes me wonder about the fit for the rest of you! But it's not a tight-waisted jacket, which I like. The cut suits the fabric. No excess buckling in the back, either.

What a great, casual city jacket. Nope, not zipping up!

The Vena Cava dresses are perfect. The zipper dress is killing me, I really want to zip it on. Again, both are $88. This is such a reasonably priced collection.

Go and take advantage of this recession pricing and pick up these pieces. No misses as far as I can tell. Tomorrow I'll try and scare up an office model to try on the dresses, pants, and shorts. Sources say the dresses are going like hotcakes up on 5th & 54th, but on 34th we like the pants. So if you couldn't find your size in Vena Cava up north, be sure to check out the Herald Square store.

Gap Herald Square, 60 W. 34th @ 6th Ave.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Guest Model: Summer Basics

I love it that when my friend Jess graciously did a little solo 34th Street modeling for me, she picked out the very same vest I've had my eye on at H&M. I even used it for a Foot Locker shoot a while back.

Long, beige blouse, also H&M, $24.90, and military vest, $29.90.

Jess just got a new job and needed some basic, office-appropriate summer clothes. So she dropped by H&M & Forever 21 and picked up these:

Another vest ($24.90, H&M), and long light blue blouse ($12.50,F21).

Black linen trousers, 30% off of $34.90 (H&M).

Gray skirt, $19.90, and brown linen trousers, 30% off $34.90.
I'm wanting to pair up those cute black booties with the skirt.

When you're first making that office transition, keep it simple and cover your basics. The linen pants are light and airy for summer; ditto for the blouses. I also really like Jess' use of the vest in lieu of a traditional jacket. She's keeping it professional but without the hotter bulk of a jacket. A great start to her summer wardrobe, and those prices keep a newly employed girl within her budget.

Congrats to Jess on her new job, and thanks for helping me out, Jess!

Update: Jess got those booties at Aerosoles on sale for around $39.99. They also come in red and grey. And our 34th Street Aerosoles is on the same block as H&M Herald Square, just across the street toward 5th.

H&M Herald Square, 34th @ 6th Avenue
Forever 21, 50 W. 34th between 5th & 6th
Aerosoles, 36 W. 34th between 5th & 6th

Monday, June 15, 2009

Chanel Dreams, Daffy's Vests

The other week I dreamt I was at a Chanel sample sale (I'd read about a Chanel sale on Racked that day) and found a bright blue and black leather vest for $25. The vests were hanging in the men's section and for some stupid reason I passed it up. As soon as I walked away, I realized I was being a fool and immediately ran back, to find the leather vests swarmed by men. The rest of the dream is pretty fuzzy, but I think I ended up pushing and shoving my way to a vest. I may have also yelled "Hey, I'm pregnant!" to get easier access.

All this reminded me, upon waking up, of this leather vest I passed up at Daffy's Herald Square last November:

Badass vest, back when things could actually be zipped over my belly.

Ugh, Stupida! This is almost as bad as the McQueen coat I passed up on years ago at Nordstrom, on ridiculous sale. But not near as bad as the Demeulemeester leather coat I never bought at Saks more than 10 years ago. Learn from me: NEVER, EVER pass up on Demeulemeester leather.

Here's some other stuff from Daffy's Herald Square you may forever regret passing on, 4th (kids) and 5th (shoes, etc) floors:

Best rainboot options I've seen in a while, from Tretorn.


Booties, reduced to $49.99, and Harajuku Lovers sneaks.


And almost a wall-full of espadrilles, lots of colors and patterns. And speaking of patterns, check out these Rocawear leggings. I'm partial to the blue and black check.


A white Ben Sherman raincoat, and a duck raincoat, sorry, kids sizes only!

Speaking of kids, bon bebe and Small Paul, tough to resist.

Herald Square, 34th & Broadway, Levels 4 - 7