Tuesday, June 30, 2009

They'll Drop and Give You Ten

Tomorrow is the kickoff for Old Navy's Military Event. If you can show that military ID, you get 10% off all merch, including sale items, July 1st - 4th.

Will they really drop and give you 10? On a strong day I might be able to drop and give you 4.
This is all timely as today my co-worker, KT, was telling me about her love for Old Navy on 34th Street. She was there just yesterday stocking up on tanks (on sale, $5).

Note the shoes, KT's cute Payless American Eagles.

She bought several in different colors because she loves the fit (the cut of the neckline is perfect for her figure) and she layers them throughout the year. Also, she said they are comfortable and wash well. She even throws them in the dryer and they don't shrink too much.

KT recommended looking for those strappy, loose Old Navy tops that are now on sale for under $8. She also spotted several 50% off signs around the store. I'm dropping by later this week to check out maternity (again!) and the bathing suits. Old Navy has the cutest, inexpensive suits.

*Rumor has it this Military Appreciation may be extended throughout the summer. Call stores near you for details.

Old Navy, 150 W. 34th between Broadway & 7th


The Preppy Princess said...

The tip on throwing the in the washer is great Miss Fashion! I love that they do this for the military, very cool.

Smiles and a hug at you!

WendyB said...

Ooh, maybe I need some tanks. Or should I wait till my guest post?