Monday, June 15, 2009

Chanel Dreams, Daffy's Vests

The other week I dreamt I was at a Chanel sample sale (I'd read about a Chanel sale on Racked that day) and found a bright blue and black leather vest for $25. The vests were hanging in the men's section and for some stupid reason I passed it up. As soon as I walked away, I realized I was being a fool and immediately ran back, to find the leather vests swarmed by men. The rest of the dream is pretty fuzzy, but I think I ended up pushing and shoving my way to a vest. I may have also yelled "Hey, I'm pregnant!" to get easier access.

All this reminded me, upon waking up, of this leather vest I passed up at Daffy's Herald Square last November:

Badass vest, back when things could actually be zipped over my belly.

Ugh, Stupida! This is almost as bad as the McQueen coat I passed up on years ago at Nordstrom, on ridiculous sale. But not near as bad as the Demeulemeester leather coat I never bought at Saks more than 10 years ago. Learn from me: NEVER, EVER pass up on Demeulemeester leather.

Here's some other stuff from Daffy's Herald Square you may forever regret passing on, 4th (kids) and 5th (shoes, etc) floors:

Best rainboot options I've seen in a while, from Tretorn.


Booties, reduced to $49.99, and Harajuku Lovers sneaks.


And almost a wall-full of espadrilles, lots of colors and patterns. And speaking of patterns, check out these Rocawear leggings. I'm partial to the blue and black check.


A white Ben Sherman raincoat, and a duck raincoat, sorry, kids sizes only!

Speaking of kids, bon bebe and Small Paul, tough to resist.

Herald Square, 34th & Broadway, Levels 4 - 7


WendyB said...

That dream is hilarious. Speaking of hilarious, I have a very silly leather vest. I need to take a picture of it and post it one of these days.

Anonymous said...

Those passed-on purchases just never stop smarting, do they?

Angela said...

what a cool dream. i love little paul for my niece and nephew.
i think open marriage/relationship will not work if people really love each other. if a couple want open relationship then they might as well just be roommates.

the Preppy Princess said...

That is a great dream Miss Fashion! I'm glad you did the pregnancy advantage to its maximum benefit!

You found so many cool things at Daffy's, yikes! Especially the kids stuff!