Monday, June 1, 2009

Curses to the Memory Card

Yes, the camera's memory card failed me the other day and ate a good two hours of trying on dresses with KT at Macy's Herald Square, 2nd floor. ARGH. Amongst others, we tried on Plastic Island (still love), BCBGeneration (great maxi dress), and a new pick, Scrapbook Originals.

All from Scrapbook Originals MySpace page. Cutes! Youngs! I do adore that little top w/red jeans.

This just goes to show that sometimes pictures don't tell the whole story. Look for this line in your area, it's more than just cute and us old gals can wear it too.

So now you think I've lost my mind as Scrapbook Originals looks like it tends to the girly, young, and kind of patchwork style. Definitely not me. I did not get the famous craft gene that oft runs amok in my family, and I tend toward the androgynous in dressing. However, the Macy's Scrapbook Originals buy is eclectic and smart. I wanted every piece I saw. Which I can't show you because of accursed memory card thing. I'll try it on again later this week, especially as there was a darling strapless dress. You know I am now thrilled with strapless as I've finally got a little something to prove to the strapless I can keep it up.

Also, we had chosen Macy's as KT wanted to try on the Desigual maxi from last week. Alas, all gone except for one lone size 6 on the mannequin by the front escalators! If you want it, run to Herald Square because they said the mannequin was being dismantled soon.

Macy's Herald Square, 151 W. 34th btwn Broadway & 7th


WendyB said...

That sucks about your camera! And I was mad yesterday because of ONE vanished photo. Yikes!

Cammila said...

Yikes, sorry about the camera fail. This line reminds me a big of Free People (a line that I feel is somewhat unjustly maligned). I have to concur about the blue top with the red jeans.

Unknown said...

aww, but at least you found online images to share! but still, that is a bummer.

Angela said...

yikes. sorry about the memory card.