Thursday, June 4, 2009

Killing Me

I think the world stopped rotating briefly for me today when I spotted drop-crotch maternity pants in H&M Herald Square.

There are POCKETS!

$24.90. Almost everything in the maternity section is $24.90. Of course I snatched up a pair, which is funny as I was a little reluctant to get this Hammer style pre-pregnancy. But now I'm so thrilled to get a trendy look over my belly I didn't hesitate. Not even this angle stopped me:

This explains why the drop-crotch doesn't really drop as long as it should.

I'm an enormous, giddy genie. Next up, jumpsuit. I need a maternity jumpsuit, please.

H&M Herald Square, 34th & 6th Avenue


the Preppy Princess said...

We love "giddy genie," Miss Fashion, too cool! And you look cute in those, it's amazing everything is $24.95!

Smiles for your FRiday,

Lipstick said...

You are *so* cute Fashion Herald!!!

BTW-for look like a maternity model. You are totally tall enough and not even swollen a bit.

I just realized that I am a total idiot and never sent you my address for those fabuolous heel saver things...I will get right on that. :)

WendyB said...

You look divine, dahling. And drop-crotch maternity pants -- the things you find amaze me!

Sharon S said...

Hi there-a fabulous bargain and they look great my dear!

Anonymous said...

Such fun, such fun! You're the chic-est pregnant lady in the world, I swear.

ambika said...

Ah! You look utterly adorable and they had better start making maternity jump suits stat!

39th and Broadway said...

You looks so cute! Jumpsuits were made for maternity, go for it!

Tricia said...

Thanks to all for the lovely comments! And TP, I love how almost everything is so inexpensive, I just refues to spend $$ on maternity.
Lipstick - you're too sweet, cause I am swollen! and i forgot to mail those out this week, so you're not even late!
Wendy - almost yelled out loud when I saw them.
Sharon - they're a steal and so comfy.
Sal - They are so much fun, I actually feel stylish in them.
Ambika - right?! I need one for summer.
39th - oh, trust me, I've tried and the results have been scary. Maybe i've only tried the wrong styles??

Sister Wolf said...

I love your shoes. I never looked this chic while pregnant! Keep up the good work!

Tricia said...

Sister - those are from the first Pierre Hardy for Gap shoes, I wear them to death. His boots for fall are looking pretty hot, too.
And I don't believe you, I know you rocked pregnancy!

kati said...

omg yessssssssss! cannot wait to see these in person!! wear them wednesday! wear them everyday!

Amanda Schulze said...

Omgosh these actually look amazing on you! I wonder if they would look good on someone who is not pregnant!
Bravo! So cute!

micol zanzuri said...

ohhhhhhhh you are lovley!!

Miss Yaya said...

will i have to do the hammer time dance if i get these without a preggo belly? b/c i like them... a lot

Lisamaree said...

Fashion Acceptance Osmosis strikes again!
(caught myself looking at Hammerpants in recycled clothes shop today)

Tricia said...

^^exactly!! I'm really just using the pregnancy as an excuse.