Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Join the Nerd Birds

Yeah, I'm officially in the Nerd Bird family, because today I got the Francis New York Nerd Bird vest in the mail! What a great surprise, thanks to WendyB and Christian Francis Roth, who I now must name my baby after. Hey, it is a superlatively awesome vest:

See how happy Nerd Bird makes me? Join the fun, kids!

Again, happy. If you click on the photo, you can see why my husband often asks "will our baby have an enormous mouth and big Midwest teeth?"

Follow the FrancisNewYork Twitter and the Francis blog written by Wendy B to keep up on all the Nerd Bird et al. activity and inspirations. And also to look at really cute photos of CFR. But back to the Nerd Birds: I was so excited I got some of the other gals in the office to try it on:

We're all Nerd Birds.

Here's my annoyed Nerd Bird face because Lindsey just made a bad stork joke.

It's like magic, the Nerd Bird vest makes everyone happy. And it's versatile, see how it works on all three of us, pants-wearing, dress-wearing, or pregnant-bellied? OK, so I can't button it right now but that's not stopping me from wearing it!

Remember, Macy's Herald Square carries the Francis line. Just last week I saw some of it on sale on the second floor. And use this Macy's savings pass through the weekend for even more off selected sale items. Which might mean you can be a Nerd Bird too. The bird is the word, people. And as this post is inspired by WendyB, I can't pass up on the obvious Family Guy connection:

I just showed Kati (one of our Nerd Birds) WendyB's jewelry line, and her first reaction was "Wow, it's beautiful and it doesn't look like all the same stuff you see everywhere." Exactly. Which is why you're going to want one of these.

Macy's Herald Square,
34th between Broadway & 7th


WendyB said...

It's great to see all you Bird Girls look so adorable and happy in the CFR vest...and I screamed a little when I saw which Family Guy clip you used. You know, Jesus really let fame go to his head in that one.

Enjoy the vest! And thanks to you and Kati for the compliment on the jewelry -- that means a lot!

Anonymous said...

Clearly, that vest is the key to ongoing happiness. Gotta get me one!

Lisamaree said...

note to self. do not ask questions of a man with a turntable at the breakfast table!
Francis and Wendyb rock! so fashion

the Preppy Princess said...

OMG, you look so awesome, I am insanely jealous but ever-so-thrilled you have one of his cool pieces, that vest is just killer and perfect for you!!

Good for you Miss Fashion, you are definitely looking excellent in that! I hope you have an excellent weekend!

Imelda Matt - The Despotic Queen of Shoes said...

"will our baby have an enormous mouth and big Midwest teeth?"....hahahaha...I'm laughing because I am also the owner of a big mouth :)

The vest is way cute...WB's doing a great job of lifting CFR web profile.

Tricia said...

Imelda - agreed, Wendy is tireless and talented! Also, I like to thing big mouths=very evolved, but these days my brain is like mush so I've got no argument!
TP - you've got to get some CFR, email Wendy, she's got a blogger/regular deal going!
Hammie - ha, good advice!
Sal - exactly!
Wendy - even my husband is enamored of the Nerd Bird vest.