Saturday, June 27, 2009

Exhibits A & B

A perfect example of what Gap Herald Square is great for:

And this:

I really wanted that kimono dress (under $40, on sale), but I just got the sweatshirt (on sale, $12.99). These are both maternity, and the essence of Gap for me: perfect work clothes and perfect casual clothes that should not be passed up, especially when on sale. The sweatshirt is, yes, just a sweatshirt, but one with cute gathered sleeves. Thus it is comfortable and not totally boring.

And the dress is such a freaking perfect work maternity dress, it was torture to leave it on the rack. Someone, quick, go buy this. I'm not encouraging anyone to get themselves, how should I put it nicely?, enciente for a flowered wrap dress, but certainly people have done it for less motivation? Hmm. Comments, please.

Gap Herald Square, 60 W. 34th @ 6th Avenue


bowerbird said...

Oh my Gosh, Iv'e been a slack blogger of late and am totally out of the loop...I didn't know you were pregnant! You look amazing - very healthy and with the perfect bump!
...A wrap dress is a pregnant girls wardrobe staple. I have that on good authority from Victoria Beckham (Extra Half an Inch - bought by my husband from the $5.00 bargain bin at local book store - it's Gold!)

Anyhoo, congrats on the baby!

WendyB said...

That dress looks fabulous!

Anonymous said...

Why, oh why, did you pass up the dress, lady?

La Belette Rouge said...

YOU MUST GET THAT DRESS. Sorry to shout but I needed you to hear it.:-)

the Preppy Princess said...

You look so cute in the sweatshirt, but that dress....wowza! You are a pillar of strength to have left it behind!

May your Wednesday be grand! (Or even just okay, whatever works.)