Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Venexiana Fall '12

Lindsey attended the Venexiana Fall '12 show and she felt much like I did the first time I attended Venexiana way back in 2008: her show is 100% fun and energy.

But this year Venexiana's fun kind of blew us away. After checking Lindsey's notes ("Perhaps my favorite show of the season" "Gold embellishments, a Spanish Lace feel, beaded bodices" "Almost over-the-top but just reined in"), I looked at Wowza.

Fun! Gorgeous! Kind of crazy! OK, so maybe some of it is a little over-the-top, but I seriously think if I was going to an awards show I'd wear one of these. The last two I included as specific examples of the only thing I didn't like about this show: stone-faced models. If you're wearing a snake tossed artfully over your shoulder, or an electric-hued turquoise blue gown, I'm going to need a little more excitement in the face, please.

To view the wild gorgeousness from behind, here's the official Mercedes Benz Fashion Week video:

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Levi's Fall '12 Show: Fab Americana & Guys in Their Underwear

I'm a Levi's girl. I don't love Levi's because they have a very cool new boutique on 34th Street, but because I've worn their jeans since I was 9. I have long legs and back then designer jeans didn't exist. Boy's Levi's were the only jeans long enough for me. This for me = lifelong loyalty to a brand, as you can imagine the drama involved in searching for jeans with one's mom at a delicate age. And their whole workman, Americana aesthetic? Love, especially as shown very successfully on their Fall '12 runway.

Let's start with Levi's: very classic + fabulous.

Now we're moving into Levi's: a twist + fabulous.

 (Ok, I'll admit, capris on guys I have a hard time with, especially when they aren't paired with sandals.)

Next is Levi's: hip, nerdy, and preppy. I like them all.

Now we're going into Levi's: What Were They Thinking? Because some things just don't belong on a runway, namely stuff that I wear on weekends. And sometimes to work if my boss is out of town.

 (I added in another capri guy, because this one is scaring me.)

 For the below, I'd like you to fill in your own caption. Levi's, ________.

Levi's does it best when they start from their roots and interpret their way from there, don't you think?

Although I attended the show, I couldn't see much of anything so thanks to for the photos. I did, however, get a glimpse of a guy changing on the runway. Enjoy my crap iPhone photo of a guy in his underwear getting dressed.

The stage setup? Not so great. I would have preferred a presentation, or everyone in chairs.

Monday, February 27, 2012

Josie Natori: A Trip on the Silk Road for Fall '12

Josie Natori's classic and elegant silhouette is perfect for the more feminine trends of 2012. Her fall collection was held at the Rubin Museum, and surely there could not have been a more perfect setting for her Silk Road theme. More specifically, Natori was inspired by the traders on the Silk Road of Mongolia, and there is where we should all want to be transported back in time if this is what they're trading.

A couple of my photos to show the setup: models descended a staircase in the lobby of the museum.

And the rest from, as the details on these should not be missed.