Wednesday, February 1, 2012

It's a Rock Festival Summer at American Eagle Outfitters

From the AEO Summer '12 press preview last week.

I'm pretty sure that back when I went to rock festivals all (2) of my bras were concert bras. Torn black T's with black bras underneath and those awful black denim shorts was a big grunge look. So naturally I'm a big fan of Concert Bra. I'll totally try to get away with it for summer '12 beach weekends with the yellow bra from the press bag. My daughter's too young to be embarrassed by her mom's dressing yet so I need to enjoy these years.

American Eagle Outfitters Concert Bra girl is definitely less grunge and more fun with lighter colors, girlish layers, cute sandals, and adorable printed bags.

Also in the press bag? World's most cozy terry hoodie. I HAD NO IDEA AEO hoodies felt like this. Intern Craig (whose arm is in a shot above) has been holding back (although not really, he bugs me about AEO's fabulousness all the time. Also, his friends are devoted to Aerie). I wore the hoodie all weekend and slept in it twice. I have this thing about sleeping in really comfortable normal clothes, I find it oddly decadent. If  I'm wildly rich someday I'll buy cashmere jumpsuits to nap in all winter, because when Intern Craig and I are wildly rich we're moving to Minnesota. 

American Eagle Outfitters 40 West 34th Street between 5th & 6th Avenues


Elizabeth said...

Those are pretty cute, I must admit.

Craig Held said...

I'm saving up for our Minnesota mansion.