Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Katya Leonovich Fall 2012

Nancy writes about her first show of the NYFW '12 season.

Katya Leonovich's Fall 2012 presentation kicked off my first Mercedes Benz Fashion Week experience. The concept of being able to walk up to a model and inspect them in 360 degrees at my own leisure was completely new to me. At a presentation every inch of the models are heavily scrutinized by the viewer. You can see every detail down to the stitch.

Katya's collection consisted of many draped gowns in a harmony of purple turquoise and pink hues,  reminiscent of paintings you'd see by the Impressionists of the late 19th century.  

Her coats were heavily sculpted, displaying geometric patterns and bold lines. Katya Leonovich treated her fabrics the way a sculptor would mold clay.

I loved the silhouette of these two dresses, and the way she combined iridescent fabrics with reptile print and these gorgeous earrings I need for fall.

All photos from mbfashionweek.com