Saturday, February 18, 2012

Emerson Fall 2012

Below, Nancy covers Emerson and ruminates on purple.

Will purple be a big color for Fall 2012? The plethora of looks in this hue seen on Emerson's runway would certainly lead you to think so. 



Emerson uses this rich dark purple best in jacket form, and I'm loving these last 2 looks. In metallic form, it looks great paired the yellow dress above, and sophisticated as a long quilted jacket over lacy stockings. 


Personally, I thought the presence of enormous buttons downgraded and cheapened these looks, but without them they would definitely be missing something. 


A cute simple dress with a cozy cardigan works well for the fall, but for a bolder look do the lace maxi with thigh-high slit and a standout jacket. The extra pop of lime in the hood gives a touch of color the winter wardrobe always needs but usually lacks.

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