Sunday, February 19, 2012

Prete & Bruno Fall '12

Sarah attends Prete & Bruno's first MBFW show.

This Italian pair showed their first collection this season at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week. Some pieces were classic and feminine, perfectly capturing the style of the woman they emulate: the elegant Grace Kelly. However, it would be difficult to imagine Grace Kelly wearing some of the other pieces in the collection, and this lack of cohesion was evident throughout the show.

The colours green and black dominated the collection, and Prete & Bruno created an interesting mix of textures by using velvet, chiffon, feathers and sequins.  

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The first look (top left) was my least favorite: the sequined top, mix of green and black chiffon, and leggings translated more Halloween costume than runway-ready. But I did like the bold tassel necklaces and luxe feather and chiffon dresses. It's that combination of design elements that leave me curious about future collaborations from this design team.