Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Ruffian Fall '12

I'd like to blame missing the Ruffian show by mere minutes on the MTA's weekend schedule, but I should have known better. Now that I live in Queens, or "the Suburbs" to New Yorkers who don't live in Queens (which is, AHEM, New York City, people), I have to adjust to crazy slow weekend trains. Duly noted. Now let's pretend I was at, what I heard one veteran show-goer call, "The best show of the season yet." And not out in the Fashion Cafe in the lobby all sweaty and out-of-breath and gulping coffee.

All photos from mbfashionweek.com

The jacket above is my favorite piece, a standout style for a girl's wardrobe. How about this cropped, cinched waist, and baggy pant silhouette, do you like?

Last season Ruffian was all about its namesake, the thoroughbred filly. And this year the theme still feels horsey, but more refined, country-living, "shall we go on a foxhunt?" horsey. Sunday I tweeted from the Lela Rose show "is Lela a Downton Abbey fan?" and I would ask the same here. At Lela it was the beaded gowns and at Ruffian it's the crisply tailored suits and lush fabrics.

I loved the coats at Jill Stuart that hit right above the knee, and I'm really loving these longer coats that hit mid-calf.

At first I was "meh" on the dress, but then looked closer: the tailoring is divine. How perfect are the shoulders? Again, at New York Fashion Week, Ruffian has put together a gorgeous show with a strong cohesive theme, which sounds so dull but on Ruffian's runway is pure excitement.