Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Emilio Cavallini Fall 2012

Nancy, our new social media assistant, reports on the Emilio Cavallini Fall '12 presentation.

In this rather peculiar and provocative presentation, with half naked models getting dressed on the end of the staged area, Emilio Cavallini demonstrated how to wear his stockings.
As the show commenced, each pair proved to be more gorgeous than the last .

In addition to the live presentation, a video played of a indecisive model trying on and taking off at least 50 pairs of stockings. Who knew stockings had such infinite possibilities?

Sexy or sophisticated, romantic vines or lace, these stockings really help define your outfit.

Bonus perk: I received my own pair of Emilio Cavallini stockings upon leaving. I'm excited to transform an old outfit with a completely new look for my legs!


Anonymous said...

I'm going to need to hit the gym to wear any of those outfits!

My favourite out of this collection is the one bodysuit consisting of circular designs. It just looks very cool.

Tricia said...

You and me both! :)