Thursday, February 16, 2012

Rafael Cennamo Fall '12 Collection

This show had me half swooning and half wondering where the prom was. But the swooning half really, really finds this to be a perfect freaking dress:

I can overlook a lot of prom for a perfect freaking dress. Granted, the neckline is a little too plunging for off the presentation platform, but I'm sure the store version will be altered. Here are some other looks, starting with prom...

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Gorgeous non-prom...

Fabulously not prom...

And prom:

Although I kind of love the fabric on this one. Maybe it's the crown of thorns look that's pushing it to "prom?" I'm a big fan of the grey hair (wigs and real) seen on the runways this season. Cennamo's models had grey color sprayed on top of the model's hair, and I loved that look, too. It added a demented feel to the prom-like dresses, so perhaps I'm now a bigger fan of Cennamo's prom look than when I started this post? Going gray myself, and dreaming of the day that I just dye it all grey for a Kristen McMenamy look, I wholly support this graying trend. And Cennamo for fall? Yes for the prom and yes for everything else.