Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Venexiana Fall '12

Lindsey attended the Venexiana Fall '12 show and she felt much like I did the first time I attended Venexiana way back in 2008: her show is 100% fun and energy.

But this year Venexiana's fun kind of blew us away. After checking Lindsey's notes ("Perhaps my favorite show of the season" "Gold embellishments, a Spanish Lace feel, beaded bodices" "Almost over-the-top but just reined in"), I looked at Wowza.

Fun! Gorgeous! Kind of crazy! OK, so maybe some of it is a little over-the-top, but I seriously think if I was going to an awards show I'd wear one of these. The last two I included as specific examples of the only thing I didn't like about this show: stone-faced models. If you're wearing a snake tossed artfully over your shoulder, or an electric-hued turquoise blue gown, I'm going to need a little more excitement in the face, please.

To view the wild gorgeousness from behind, here's the official Mercedes Benz Fashion Week video: