Thursday, March 1, 2012

Rochambeau Fall '12

Nancy checks out what the guys are wearing at Rochambeau.

The Rochambeau presentation transported me to a realm of uprooted trees, misty forest, wet soil, and over a dozen rugged models dressed in Western-inspired leather ready to greet me. 


While I may not know so much about men's fashion, I do know what I like and don't like on the opposite gender. Likes include this burgundy tone, the tailored suit on the left, and the leather vest on the right. Dislikes include the moon boots and hair that is longer than mine. 


Likes: leather pants, leather fringe book bag that sadly you cannot see on the right, voluminous scarves and old-fashioned felt hats.

Dislikes: Goofy sunglasses that look like they belong in a 3D movie and way, way over-sized attire.


Rochambeau's color palette for fall consists mainly of black, with the exception of the two burgundy pieces. Although simple, I love the look of the jacket on the left. It's reminiscent of a peacoat but  without the buttons, very wearable for any male. On the right I like the leather detailing on the shirt, an unusual option to the traditional button down. 

The cut of this jacket and the way it falls makes it my favorite piece of the presentation. Trendy but not too bold, this could blend easily into any wardrobe. Perhaps even, ladies, from his to yours?

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