Thursday, March 29, 2012

There's a New Payless on 34th Street

This picture is showing so much 34th Street Partnership, I want to do a "Find our streetscape" game.

Say adieu to the Payless on Eighth Avenue and 34th Street. But you won't be missing it as we've got a brand new shiny Payless down the street from the old locale. It's right next to Joe Fresh and the new DSW Shoe Warehouse. I'm henceforth calling this block of 34th Street between Seventh and Eighth the "West End."

Also there's 34th Street between Eighth and Tenth Avenue. I will call this the "New Frontier." Confusing, yes? Well, I'm no marketing major. Everyone's scared to move to the new frontier because it's far away, very "Westward, ho!" Most likely the retail migration is inevitable. Kudos to Swarovski, DSW, and Joe Fresh for starting the trend in the West End. The West End is getting hot...

...see, Party City! It's opening right next to Payless. Don't pretend like you're not excited, because there is a holiday coming up and where the heck else will you be getting bunny costumes for under $50?

Really scary, and really cute. I can't wait.

Payless 213 W. 34th Street
Party City coming soon next door