Friday, March 23, 2012

34th Street Weekend Sale Picks: The Mid-Season Sale Edition

#1.  Mango
Because they have spring items and dresses on sale for 50% off. I do not need to say anything more than that, particularly if you are already familiar with my Mango dress love.  7 West 34th Street

#2.  Express
Because their mid-season sale means up to 60% off select items and another 20% off clearance AND they're having a BOGO 50% off jeans sale. I adore their colored jeans, go stock up!  7 West 34th Street and Manhattan Mall, level 1

#3.  Strawberry
It's been a long time since I've visited the Berry, and that's all wrong. There's always a great find, and right now it's the spring shoes. Serious selection. 14 West 34th Street and Manhattan Mall levels 1 & 2

Discounted to $49.99.