Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Marni at H&M on 34th Street

Remember "Sponge-Worthy?" Lately, due to recurring Santa nightmares (thanks to Santaland and the cajillion mom groups/blogs I read that, while debating endlessly about miso v. quinoa for breakfast, neglected to warn me about Santa Claus Trauma), I've been getting no sleep. I'm talking two–three wake ups three times a week since the holidays. So regarding collab releases, I ask myself the following: is it 4am Line-Worthy?*

For the Marni at H&M leggings? ALMOST. Hey, I'm a leggings girl. For the leggings, the anorak, a peplum swimsuit, and a T-shirt that is not only cute but entertains aforementioned toddler? REALLY CLOSE.

Throw in the accessories and I'm dunzo. YES Marni at H&M, you are Line-Worthy.** 

*I'm focusing on the lower-priced items in this post (except for the coat). Naturally, I want all the dresses.
**I reserve the right to sleep in Thursday morning and miss all the fabulous Marni at H&M if I'm up at 3am feeding a Santa-traumatized girl Cheerios

H&M Herald Square 34th Street and Sixth Avenue
H&M Penn Station 34th Street and Seventh Avenue
Stores open Thursday March 8am 
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Elizabeth said...

There is a lot of cool stuff in that collection!