Monday, March 19, 2012

Gardens of Paradise Inside & Out: Brasil at Macy's Flower Show

The Flower Show at Macy's Herald Square is an event not to be missed, but this year there's a whole new angle: the flower show will be inside and outside the iconic store.

Looking south down Broadway, the tent under construction...

The tent is going up now in what we call Broadway Plaza, the public space that runs in front of Macy's at Herald Square. Fantastic, right?! The show will open Sunday, March 25th, and goes through April 7th, all during regular store hours.

Looking north up Broadway.
Inspired by the vibrant plants and flowers of Brasil, expect a showstopper this year. There will still be gardens inside the store, including a special Gucci garden and interactive kid's garden, and don't miss the Carnaval celebration in the store windows or the Bouquet of the Day in the 34th Street windows. Click here for store events and more.

Why outside this year? Because the store has begun it's multi-million dollar renovations. And by multi I mean 400. This is going to be huge, and by the time it's all done (scheduled to go through Fall of 2015) Macy's Herald Square will boast the world's biggest shoe department. Trust me, they need it. The shoe department gets crazy business. And yes, us midtown shoppers do need to browse 300,000 pairs of shoes on any given day. We are New Yorkers.

Macy's Herald Square 2012 Flower Show 
March 25th - April 7 during store hours


WendyB said...

Are they going to get their own zip code like Saks?

Tricia said...

They should! World's biggest shoe department should get its own address.