Monday, March 5, 2012

Uniqlo 34th Street: Visors, Orla +Jsale

I was hoping the +J would be marked down to like $20 for coats and $15 for everything else, but no such luck. However there is still a decent selection now relegated to the back of the second floor at the 34th Street store. There were plenty of the navy cropped puffy jackets (the fabric versions, not the nylon) for $80-ish, several of the dresses in a taupe, light green (at least that's how I remembered the color) for $50-ish, and some sweaters and the black trench coat for $70-ish.

But it's March and even I am tired of seeing the same old +J. Which is why the Orla Kiely on the first floor looks so darn pretty.

 Also, if you haven't gotten your Spring '12 visor yet, I have to ask "What's WRONG with you?" Uniqlo has a pretty version of the huge visor on the second floor. Meaning, you can wear to work this summer without the visor knocking over half of Midtown.

Uniqlo 31 West 34th Street just east of Sixth Avenue


Elizabeth said...

Orla looks great—all those prints make me wish for Spring!