Thursday, July 31, 2008

Lucky Jewelry

Discovered this Lucky Brand jewelry while #1 Fan and I were looking for silver hoops. I learned that my mom is the kind of woman who feels naked without earrings. Yet another gene of hers I did not inherit; unfortunately, I also did not inherit her incredibly well-organized or immaculate clean home gene either. Sigh.

So while we're checking out silver hoops (and Mom simultaneously organizes and cleans the earring caddies), I spot these:

In this shot you can see the bracelets, & in this shot you can see the pretty red stones!

I didn't note all the pricing, but it's around $28 and up. This is not expensive jewelry, just fun casual pieces.

I like this Lucky stuff. Especially those peace symbol bracelets and the silver cuffs and the cute charm bracelet. And I'm into the heavy, almost biker look of those long pendant necklaces. Funny thing is, every time I pass through the first floor of Macy's Herald Square, I spot Lucky bags on display and see at least one I like. Hmm, I've never been a fan of their jeans, but that doesn't mean I can't like their accessories! Actually, this makes me want to try on their jeans again.

Macy's Herald Square, 151 W. 34th btwn Broadway & 7th

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Just Jackets (& Blazers)

I've got all kinds of jackets on the brain. Although I'm really wanting a long blazer that's yet to be found, here are a few other styles. First, from Macy's Herald Square:

Kensie ~ that first 3/4 sleeved black one is all me ($76.80 on sale). Come to mama. But as you can see, girls w/shoulders should avoid the very cute black w/white piping ($50.40 on sale, middle hounds tooth $118).

Plastic Island ~ $348, and could be an evening coat. I thought it was good kooky; perhaps it will look better on a different body type. Or a blond. Or not at all? And make note, when you google "plastic island," this comes up second. WTF? We're doomed. Please don't buy this and then dump into the ocean.

Ben Sherman ~ Ben! Mannish tailoring is always a big hit w/me. The grey ($129) is very short. And hello, put the seersucker-ish pinstripe ($129) on sale already.

A couple from Zara:

Oh, I have a lovely romance going w/plaid ($149). They should just give me this. And the black trim ($169)! Kind of steampunk, right? I'd love it with these goggles.

Macy's Herald Square, 151 W. 34th btwn Broadway & 7th
Zara, 39 W. 34th between 5th & 6th

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Caution: Trends May Attack

Now, don't nay-say me here people. Yes, this dress ($108, hazel, 2nd flr) might be cute if I styled it with some great stockings and chunky ankle-strap heels. But this shot is from a dressing room, with dressing room lighting, and thus well illustrates why we should tiptoe round lace come fall. If it's not Prada-like quality, you run the risk of it looking very cheap. Or looking too lingerie. So, come fall, go gently while waking the lace lover dwelling deep inside your trend-abiding self. And don't let her bite you in the ass.

I would wear this dress: in dark bars and restaurants; at home for an intimate dinner with my man; um, that's all I got. Anyone?

Macy's Herald Square,
151 W. 34th btwn Broadway & 7th

Monday, July 28, 2008

Good News For Midtown Appetites

Oh, joy. This is a very good sign. This means soon, very soon, Herald and Greeley Squares will each have an operating 'wichcraft kiosk. At which time you can partake of their delicious sandwiches, like grilled gruy√®re & caramelized onions on rye bread, or slow-roasted pork, red cabbage, jalapenos & mustard on ciabatta roll. Then finish with a peanut butter cookie. Trust me, there are kiosks in Bryant Park so I am familiar with many 'wichcraft lunch offerings. And the peanut butter cookie, called a "cream’wich," is ridiculous good. The coffee isn't bad either. The kiosks will be open for breakfast, lunch and, as rumor has it, maybe even dinner.

'wichcraft kiosks, Herald & Greeley Squares, Broadway & 6th Avenue @ 34th: opening soon

"El Topo" Inspired

Don't let that cute movie poster fool you. As my husband has been unfairly dominating the queue lately, there have been no period dramas or Jane Austen films. No, El Topo is more like it. If you're into surrealistic, gory westerns by the guy who almost got Salvador Dali, Orson Welles and Pink Floyd to collaborate on a Dune adaptation, go for it. Actually, I couldn't stop watching El Topo, although I did have to pause it right at the very graphic and bloody beginning in order to finish eating dinner without puking.

Sadly, while watching I was distracted by these (look closely at his hands):

The leather fingerless gloves. They figure prominently in the first half of the film, with El Topo lovingly buttoning them over his hands. And then all I could think about was these two:

Luckily, the film has a loose narrative. El Topo was released in '71, and Jodorowsky was involved in the avant-garde in Paris, so could this be the origins of the Kaiser's obsession with the short glove? The rest of El Topo's gun-slinging ensemble was pretty bad-ass, too, and involved lots of black. Hmm, the plot thickens. (During the dog days of summer, when I'm feeling uninspired and dull, I like starting fashion myths. Like "The Origins of the Kaiser's Fingerless Mitts - El Topo, the Mole!")

Unfortunately, the only gloves I could find that may currently be available on 34th Street were these from Forever 21:

not fingerless but they do have a button. The Chanel "inspired" versions have not yet hit stores.

Top these off with an El Topo-inspired woven fedora:

and get some weird looks. I'm sure guys like El Topo got weird looks all the time, thus the bad, gun-slinging propensities. Unfortunately, altogether our accessories look more Michael Jackson "Bad" than "El Topo" bad. Well, I am a child of the 80's.

Forever 21, 50 W. 34th between 5th & 6th

Friday, July 25, 2008

Fan of Fake Fur Vest

My Number One Fan (mom) is in town, and we went shopping today. Here's what we both loved a lot at Zara:

But here's what's a little scary:

No hooks, no button, no snaps to keep this from falling open and making you look like you picked that baby rug off the floor and threw it over your shoulders. You know, that rug that every mom has for her newborn?

#1 Fan said "just put some velcro on there," pointing to a shoulder, but she's a farmer's daughter and they're big fans of the cheap fix-it. I was a little horrified, thinking of the damage velcro would do. You'd soon have a raggedy-looking fake fur vest. But, if you want this look for a good price ($79), just sew in a hook & eye.

Here's what the expensive one that I really want looks like, thanks to

nb: it's been a long time since I've shopped w/#1 Fan, and it actually crossed my mind at one point to start cajoling her to buy me this (I'm on spending lockdown). Just like the old days: "Puhleeze, #1 Fan, I'll dust the house for a month!" (knowing damn well I was going to do no such thing). But, unfortunately, I'm at the stage in life where it's just unseemly to be begging your mom for fur vests. So I buried that thought and maintained a little adult pride. For those of you young enough, start practicing cute, needy looks in the mirror.

Zara, 39 W. 34th between 5th & 6th

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Steve & Barry's: What To Buy

Before the store goes away, try and get some of these:

As you can see, Wonderwall by Laird Hamilton is a men's line for the surfer/skate dudes in your acquaintance. Although my man threatens me all the time with a skateboard purchase, I think I've convinced him he's too old to start (I'm not an ageist, this is for the safety of the general public). But the clothes he can wear, particularly when they're cute, very inexpensive, and well-made. The Wonderwall line has soft cottons and nice design elements, like pull strings on the inside of the cargo shorts and lining in the board shorts. The graphics are cute and the prints are stylish. I've got my eye on a palm tree T-shirt for myself.

This is, unfortunately, not me and my husband.

The flip flops (above, also come in tan) got a big thumbs up, as the soles are fabric. Important for those who have sweaty feet in the summer. I didn't know I was married to a foot-sweater until this Fourth of July holiday; he wore his cheap rubber flip-flops and was sliding out of them during a long walk. Finally he had to take them off and go barefoot. Ewww, barefoot in Brooklyn.

So load up on Wonderwall before it disappears, and maybe resurfaces elsewhere. But if Mr. Hamilton's line is (hopefully) picked up, everything will not be $8.98. We've learned that doesn't quite work.

I'll end with a little love letter to the great surfer:

Dear Mr. Laird Hamilton,

If you're great line survives, can you please convince your lovely wife
[Gabrielle Reece, pictured above] to design one for the ladies? Thanks,

Fashion Herald

Steve & Barry's,
Manhattan Mall, level 2, 33rd & 6th Ave.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Just For Kicks

From yesterday, but it's so funny it's a post of the day. Which I'm starting now, for anything else as ridiculous funny. Thanks to AndTheEnd. And here's the blog of the comedian.

I know, it has nothing to do with 34th Street, or shopping, or shopping on 34th Street.....but wait, on the same day AndTheEnd talks about going to the 34th Street cineplex! Wow, I managed to plug the dang street after all. Damn I'm good.

Foot Locker Friends and Family Madness!

I know you can find these everywhere, but I'll post it up anyway. Foot Locker's 30% is a good one, and their Friends & Family always reminds me to get my husband new running shoes, which he seems to need ALL the time. He goes through running shoes like I go through....dry shampoo! Yes, now I'm addicted and totally into not washing my hair. Death to the ozone, power to the aerosol can of powdered love! But back to the 30% off:

Print it up and take into 34th Street, which has the Kids and Lady Foot Locker, too. Plus the store's been newly renovated and looks quite slick. Thanks, Foot Locker!

Foot Locker, 120 W. 34th btwn Broadway & 7th Ave.

So Much Maddness

Thanks to Kati for saving me this flyer:

It's rush hour MADDNESS! Maddness for selected styles, that is, so there must be some kind of sale going on tomorrow night. If you've had your eye on some Madden's, go visit the flagship store on 34th just east of 6th and Herald Square. Remember this Madness? They played on The Young Ones twice. How I loved The Young Ones; they always had great bands guesting.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Ombre! and other stuff...

While searching for something to wear for the video intro, I tried on these at Macy's Herald Square, second floor Broadway side.

Why do I prefer ombre ($59) that goes from light on top to dark on bottom, instead of dark on top to light on bottom? And why do I dislike grinding black peppercorns so much? Unsolved mysteries of my universe. The cuffed shorts are $59, and the purple top is DKNY ($49).

blue knit top ($79), and butterfly gold top ($69) w/faded peg legs ($69), that I really liked at first because of the back pockets...

until I tried on these ABS jeans which so knocked me out I almost asked if Macy's had layaway (they are $189). For one of the first times, I didn't think that almost $200 was ridiculous pricey for jeans. Perfect fit, super long, really soft, and they make me look really good even though they are a size too small. The blue Plastic Island origami top is cute, too ($108).

More mind-boggling ABS
this pencil denim skirt ($155) REALLY wanted to be put on layaway, too (seriously, I have to find out if this still exists). It's sexy, sexy, sexy. Orange, ruffle one-shoulder top is BCBGeneration ($72), and pretty but if your clam stash is low, put the 72 towards the ABS.

Ben Sherman
polka dot blouse (on sale for $47.40) with the hot little ABS number, looking very 1950's, and the YSL homage, $139.

Macy's Herald Square,
151 W. 34th btwn Broadway & 7th

Monday, July 21, 2008

Sephora Gift Card Winner!

Whoa, the excitement and drama of the dry shampoo test almost made me forget about this giveaway! Players had to provide the correct blogger name for this guy*:

I had 4 correct answers, so we just drew names here in the office. And the winner is (big drum roll):

eeps! Congrats, eeps, this is very timely as her post today is about paying off credit card debt and saving for a trip. So send me an address, eeps, and I'll ship off your $30 Sephora gift certificate.

Next giveaway coming soon, at least as soon as I actually tell my boss I'm giving stuff away! Ha, ha. What can I say, I have initiative.

*blogger name of man in picture with naked mannequins is Xmastime, my video co-host. We're both impressed 4 of you recognized him. 5 including Maria, our Marimekko necklace winner who wasn't allowed to play again for a month. We have very strict contest policies here at FH.

Dry Shampoo, The Final Day

It's Sunday (Day 3) and I'm cheating, but only because we're going to the beach. There's no way I'm not going in the water as it's insanely hot. But first, to the gym. I was thinking my hair might be smelly or greasy, but no. It didn't smell like anything and fell perfectly into place with hardly a brushing. I didn't even wear a baseball cap and I always wear my Jets hat because my hair looks like crap in the morning. At the gym I ask my husband how it looks. Is it greasy looking? Flat? No, he says, but it looks a little shellacked. Yes, I think as I gaze into the full-length mirror, it looks perfect.

No itching today, either. Still, I'm dying to get the H2O on my head.

We go to the beach. Finally my hair's getting wet! But as we near the water, we notice something really gross: an infestation of disc-shaped jellyfish. They are EVERYWHERE. Maybe, I thought, they're just on the beach? I dive in and am immediately surrounded; they're bumping into me and it's disgusting! I scream but still dunk my head under because, well, I haven't washed my hair in three days. I flounder my way back to shore, yelling "Are they in my hair? Are they in my hair?" And as we scramble up onto the beach, my husband says "Ugh, that was like swimming in something your mom made for Thanksgiving dinner." Huh? Oh, yeah, the marshmallow jello!

After returning home, and rinsing any jellyfish detritus from my locks (no shampoo), my hair dries and I see the beginning of dreadlocks. Speedy dreadlock formula: days of dry shampoo + jellyfish infested waters.


  • this stuff is pretty miraculous, but not perfect. Test your limits, but I say one day for me, two under dire circumstances;
  • I didn't use any shine product with the dry shampoo, but I'm guessing that would help with the "matte" effect;
  • S (stylist) got back to me about the rinsing question: "Why rinse it? I love to use it as a styling product for volume. Adds body to the hair!! Love it more than hairspray!!!"
  • She's right, it adds crazy volume. The dry shampoo will now be a permanent product in my hair-care rotation.
You can get the Rene Furterer dry shampoo at Sephora:
Sephora, 130 W. 34th btwn Broadway & 7th

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Testing, Testing, Day 2: The Dry Shampoo Relationship Endures


I have not yet used the dry shampoo today, and I must admit my scalp it itchy. Gross, yes? I'm curious if it will still itch afterwards. To be fair, it's like 110 degrees where I'm sitting in my apartment today, and I was running errands outside all morning sweating buckets.* But when I finally dragged ass out of bed, I was able to go out in the world without the usual Saturday morning hat to cover up my heinous bed head. Interesting, yes? My helmet style was intact.

I also have an email out to my stylist, "S," asking if it's cheating if I just get my hair wet when taking one of my 3 showers of the day (I'm not OCD, it's just hot as hell). It's REALLY hard for me not to do this, as I'm addicted to washing my hair, and am dying to just dunk it.

*totally unrelated, but I highly recommend Sportea to all of you suffering in hot climates who work out or spend a lot of time outdoors. I've had a gallon today already, and it's like Gatorade but without all the sugar and calories. I buy it from Gong Fu Tea in Des Moines, Iowa because I like to support my home-state businesses. Get 4 or 5 boxes at a time; I buy the big iced-tea bags. Tastes great, too.


Still haven't heard from S, so, before I drag my laundry out to the laundromat, I again spray the Furterer all over my head. And I forgot to tell you before, it's not like spraying a little hairspray. No, this is like a helicopter landing. No wonder the cats were freaked out. We might not be stripping our hair of essential nutrients by refraining from shampooing, but we are not exactly helping the ozone. Anyway, here's my assessment on not washing my hair since early Thursday morning:
  • perhaps I'm taking this a little too far;
  • this is the grunt day; no longer am I enraptured by my new product. Day one was easy, fun and pretty, but today? The Furterer is keeping my hair in line, but it certainly doesn't have that fresh-washed feeling. Instead, I feel a little Aqua Net-ish;
  • my scalp has stopped itching;
  • I also notice that after spraying, letting it dry for 2 minutes, toweling it off and then brushing, my hair is "matte." Not shiny, but perfectly matte. Hmm. I like this in lipstick sometimes, but my hair?
  • I'm able to actually be on time to meet my husband and pick him up at his bartending gig because I'm not blow drying and flat ironing. No, I'm spraying, putting in a few bobby pins and looking groomed;
  • I'm beginning to get a little "Apocalypse Now" on my dry shampoo. Like that Seinfeld episode where Kramer was test driving the car and wouldn't stop for gas? Maybe I'll just keep on going...
Ok, one more dry shampoo post before you see me on the street, nodding to myself and begging for Rene Furterer money, saying "don't wash, just spray, just spray!"

Friday, July 18, 2008

Testing, Testing: Dry Shampoo

It's Day One. Because I woke up at 8:15 am, dehydrated and tired after wandering round 34th Street in 90+ degree weather yesterday, it was a perfect day to not wash my hair. I sprayed the Rene Furterer all over. The cats were horrified and fascinated at once; the husband admonished me and told me to spray by an open window.

Yes, it goes on white. But I was amazed at the instant poufication of my hair. I then, as directed, combed it through although I was worried it would de-pouf the do. No problem. My hair still had body and now the white was gone. I went to work.

Usually, if I don't wash my hair in the am (rare occasion), by lunchtime I look in the mirror and think "gross" and "flat." Honestly, not today. It looks perfect. Actually, it looks more perfect than when I wash it. It made me remember how, a very long time ago, way before Amy Winehouse was teasing her wig, I had a hairstylist friend who would give me beehives for fun. Way bigger beehives than Amy's. Then he'd take me out to Georgetown cocktail parties. I was 19 and so gullible. But I remember he'd yell if I washed my hair that day, because if it was too clean he couldn't easily style it. Now, without the mountains of hairspray, I've achieved a similar, stylable effect.

I'm about to leave work, and have resisted picking up the bottle and spraying again. It doesn't really need it, but I can't stop thinking about how it looked at first spray. Could it be, is dry shampoo the junk of the hair world?

To be continued....

Another Video Shoot

Sorry I've been remiss in my usual blog visiting this week, but I've been MIA getting it together for our video shoot yesterday. Here's some pics:

See Xmastime jogging in the background?

The dress ($218) is by Plastic Island from Macy's Herald Square, level2 of course!

Me & Xmas fight over the makeup sponge.

Luckily, we made up in time for the shot.

Xmastime wonders if he can take his shirt off, too. I said no. Good thing he listened as soon after he had a messy run in with a pigeon. Guess who now owns an A-Rod shirt?

The talent throws a fit and storms away when he finds out he has to carry the purple Steve Madden bag.

The Guys from Three Knights Media, our loving crew!

Hmm, hope V knew the lens cap was on.

The good men at Three Knights Media are in post-production, so after they finish airbrushing Xmastime and me, we'll post the second video. No, just kidding. This is our "shape" video, inspired by Xmastime's, AHEM, diet quest. I don't think there will be any complaints that we, like Vogue magazine, feature too-skinny models in our shape issue. No, it's just us real people wearing cute workout gear from Foot Locker while working out in the New York Sports Club on 34th & Park Avenue. GREAT club, I highly recommend it. And there's another one in Herald Towers on 34th & 6th, right at Herald & Greeley Squares.

click here to see our first video
click here to see me & Xmas' homemade fashion week video with a Posh Spice cameo & the "Queen Mum"

Three Knights Media, 718-305-1673
Foot Locker, 120 W. 34th btwn Broadway & 7th

New York Sports Club, 34th & 6th, and 34th & Park
Macy's Herald Square, 151 W. 34th Street btwn Broadway & 7th