Monday, July 21, 2008

Dry Shampoo, The Final Day

It's Sunday (Day 3) and I'm cheating, but only because we're going to the beach. There's no way I'm not going in the water as it's insanely hot. But first, to the gym. I was thinking my hair might be smelly or greasy, but no. It didn't smell like anything and fell perfectly into place with hardly a brushing. I didn't even wear a baseball cap and I always wear my Jets hat because my hair looks like crap in the morning. At the gym I ask my husband how it looks. Is it greasy looking? Flat? No, he says, but it looks a little shellacked. Yes, I think as I gaze into the full-length mirror, it looks perfect.

No itching today, either. Still, I'm dying to get the H2O on my head.

We go to the beach. Finally my hair's getting wet! But as we near the water, we notice something really gross: an infestation of disc-shaped jellyfish. They are EVERYWHERE. Maybe, I thought, they're just on the beach? I dive in and am immediately surrounded; they're bumping into me and it's disgusting! I scream but still dunk my head under because, well, I haven't washed my hair in three days. I flounder my way back to shore, yelling "Are they in my hair? Are they in my hair?" And as we scramble up onto the beach, my husband says "Ugh, that was like swimming in something your mom made for Thanksgiving dinner." Huh? Oh, yeah, the marshmallow jello!

After returning home, and rinsing any jellyfish detritus from my locks (no shampoo), my hair dries and I see the beginning of dreadlocks. Speedy dreadlock formula: days of dry shampoo + jellyfish infested waters.


  • this stuff is pretty miraculous, but not perfect. Test your limits, but I say one day for me, two under dire circumstances;
  • I didn't use any shine product with the dry shampoo, but I'm guessing that would help with the "matte" effect;
  • S (stylist) got back to me about the rinsing question: "Why rinse it? I love to use it as a styling product for volume. Adds body to the hair!! Love it more than hairspray!!!"
  • She's right, it adds crazy volume. The dry shampoo will now be a permanent product in my hair-care rotation.
You can get the Rene Furterer dry shampoo at Sephora:
Sephora, 130 W. 34th btwn Broadway & 7th


Elizabeth said...

I'm sold!

I can't believe you swam with all those jellyfish and came out unscathed! Whew!

Sharon S said...

Haha-the jelly fish sound like quite a saga!! I'm pleased the dry shampoo was a success, I think I will look into this further too!!

Tricia said...

I totally recommend it as a backup! And weird, but the jellyfish weren't stinging. Still, they were gross!

Kira Aderne said...

Hi dear,
I am so sorry for you, my hair is so greasy near the head that i have to wash it everyday, I know that is wrong, but I have to do it :)

Hope you re better,

a kiss,
see you,

eeps. said...

jones beach has become jellyfish soup -- is that where you went? i don't know if it's better than long beach, which was seaweed stew. i told one of my friends that i felt like i was swimming in miso soup. when i got home, wads of seaweed fell out of my.. ahem.
anyway, onto the dry shampoo: the stuff doesn't rub off onto your pillow or clothes? i know it comes out white, but does it leave a halo of powder on dark colors?
i'm enthused by the reports of volume, but i can't not get my hair wet daily. i don't believe in shower caps. it sounds like your stylist says it's OK to rinse (but not use soap) after a day or two though, right? i might be able to handle that.

Tricia said...

we were at Jacob Riis, totally jellyfish soup. but the seaweed sounds pretty gross too!
dry shampoo: didn't rub off anywhere that i noticed, although I'll double check the pillowcases. honestly, after i washed the sheets on saturday i thought, rats, now my pillows are going to smell like unwashed hair, but no! stylist says no need to rinse, but I think it's ok - it's really hard not to after a day.

Blicious said...

OH MY!! i dont know about the Jellyfish!!

WendyB said...

I love what your husband said about the Thanksgiving dish.

Seeker said...

OMG I hate jellyfish!!!

I think dry shampoo must be good for a day or for an emergency. Not for more days.

Thank you darling for sharing with us all this experience.


Anonymous said...

You know MIss Fashion, you are our hero. You truly are.

The things you suffer on our behalf, and your willingness to sacrifice in the name of fashion is something to behold.

Miss Eeeps description is hysterical, surpassed only by your Spousal Unit's Jello comment! Did you tell your Mother? Does she read your blog?

But here's our big confusion: how do we know the jellyfish aren't biting? Those who have preceded us into the pond share that information with us? What if the jellyfish change their minds and get cranky while we are in the water and they take out their hostility and negative feelings about life upon us?

We are very grateful to you for your experimentation with the dry shampoo. It seems most of us should have some of it on hand for an emergency, and TP is planning to ask about it on our next trip to the House of Miracles.

Grins & Giggles,

Imelda Matt - The Despotic Queen of Shoes said...

I'd give it a crack!

Always In Style said...

Crazy volume? I'm sold!