Friday, July 11, 2008

I'm a Fall Girl

I must admit to a rush of joy when yesterday I overheard a Gap employee telling a customer "oh, no, we don't have those skirts anymore, we're starting to get fall in now."

Fall is my favorite season. I am a Fall girl. Even having to view spring 2009 in Fall 2008 doesn't get me down, because we'll all be shopping Fall. Fall, Fall, Fall. Now it sounds weird. OK, autumn kicks ass.

Here's some Fall items seen in Gap. Notice the lack of color; I'm just beginning to savor Fall with a few monochromatic basics.

An impressive black waistcoat ($54):

It's fitted (that's a medium and it's not huge), it has little pockets, and I am not sick of vests. I want them to stick around. The white T underneath is $24. In winter I like the vest with a black turtleneck.

Here it is in grey (I tried to want the grey, but no):

The lavender v-neck underneath is $34, and is 80% cotton and 20% wool. Here it is in grey:

Oops, sidetracked by basic underpinnings. Here's another that fits well and feels great:

$19.50. Click to check out the pretty lace. It's getting to be a little about lace these days, so perhaps you'd like to get some with your tank top. Or you could get some satin:

Now back to fall:

This jacket is a good TRANSITION piece. Sorry, are you sick of hearing that word? I am. Because actually, now that I think about it, my closet is full of transition pieces. I never have a hard time finding transition pieces. Non-transition pieces, now that's tough.The jacket is $68.

And I didn't realize how much I liked this cropped cardigan till I photoshopped it. Here it is free and easy:

And buttoned-up:
And showing off its pockets.

Yes, it has little pockets and a silk vest lining. That first picture is why I'm vigorously sucking in my gut in that grey top up above. Summer weight, ugh, can't wait till Fall. Fall, Fall, Fall.

nb: Be sure to check out eep!ramblings today for a little H&M fall preview

Gap, 60 W. 34th at Greeley Square


Krystal.Stenseng said...

What an interesting concept of snapping photos the way you do! And I am definitely into fall, too! Living in hot weather can be a downfall of that, but you better believe we decorate and dress like we have our own changing of the leaves.

Anonymous said...

I keep thinking I could sport a vest/waistcoat but I think my regular wearing of them in middle school has spoiled them for me. They look fantastic on you.

Tricia said...

oh, the lasting sartorial scars of middle school. it's too unfair.

Shes Dressing Up said...

Fall is most certainly my favourite season for clothes too! Love the jacket

Anonymous said...

i'm the complete opposite. i hate fall talk. but, only becaues i live in hawaii and therefore we really don't have any season but summer. =/ it gets a tad cooler and windier during our "fall/winter" but nothing drastic. so i can wear tights and what not... but, i'm still dying of the heat. so you're definitely lucky you can enjoy fall! =)

Elizabeth said...

Fall's my favorite, too. I have to investigate that waistcoat. It's fabulous on you!

Sharon S said...

This last cardi is so cute-it looks good and seems versatile too!

queengilda said...

omg yes fall, fall, fall!!! i'm so over this summer! it's so darn hot in the city and it's like a sauna and slowly baking me. i can't look fierce if i'm sweating like a pig! haha. i want to layer clothes. fall, please hurry.

Kira Aderne said...

great vest!

a kiss

hannah said...

i always love the gap. simple pieces, but very stylish. love that jacket.

ButterflyDiary said...

I have to say, I'm a little puzzled by the GAP Fall Palette. I just did a Fall story for one of the mags I write for, and the palette is all about dark, rich purples, dark greens, ochres, reds and rich plum. The Pantone color of the Fall is "Blue Iris."

So...while I TOTALLY DIG these outfits (you look good in anything)...enlighten me if GAP is being irreverant to the trends?

Times of Glory said...

Fall is so great! You can mix various fashions and layers come in! That grey jacket looks fab xxxxx

Lipstick said...

I love that transition jacket! It actually looks comfortable too!

Tricia said...

thanks to all for comments! the jacket is very easy to wear, and BD, I think this is very early fall for Gap, i'm expecting a lot of color in, too, so we'll have to wait and see. I was also grabbing a lot of basic pieces, and i have a sad tendency to only pick greys and blacks!
btw, i LOVE the colors shown on the runway for fall, so rich and multi-toned.

Xmastime said...

im sorry butterflydiary, but you're way off base here. Indigo Blue? I believe it's Azure Sky. and of course by "I believe" I mean "it is."

LADIES- Please, for the last time: know your fabrics, and know your colors. I really shouldn't hafta explain this stuff to you all (again.) Lipstick, good try with the "transition" jacket, but it's obviously more of a liasion-cas(ual) top. Are you looking at this site on a Commodore 64?

Maybe I should give a workshop on the weekends. Being a fashionbeasta shouldn't be this exhausting.

ButterflyDiary said...

Xmastime, please read this!!!

From Fall Fashion Week and Pantone: Blue and purple tones have become staples, as illustrated by Blue Iris, one of the top 10 colors chosen by designers this season, and Pantone’s Color of the Year for 2008."

Just seeing what's out there on the web, that's all.

Tricia said...

what's a Commodore 64?

and for those of you unfamiliar, Xmastime doesn't know SHIT about fashion!! But he does enjoy, well, I'm not sure what beyond anything that doesn't involve the words "egg" + "foo" or. Oh, and the Ramones. he's not way off base about everything.

Tricia said...

but i do firmly approve of "fashionbeasta." I'm stealing it.

ButterflyDiary said...

Well said, I agree with you!!

I think you're right about the colors being "early fall," FH. You hit the nail on the head.

Xmastime said...

"on the web"? Really? thats where you're getting your fashion info, BD? "The web"?

I see what's going on gals are sitting in your humidified rooms on your computers doing the 'ol tappity-tap to find out about "fashion" while I'm out on the front lines, talking to people IN THE STREETS where fashion is actually born, not made.

I should put together a symposium for you people. My ulcers are acting up! arrrggghhh!!!!!

Tricia said...

And IN THE STREETS means on the couch in a stained T-shirt and handsome Foot Locker shorts.
thanks, Foot Locker!

ButterflyDiary said...

Nope, also sitting in Fashion Week in an actual SEAT instead of standing in line waiting for a hot dog and observing at what people are wearing.

Then again, I'm sorry if you weren't invited to Fashion Week.

Xmastime said...

"Then again, I'm sorry if you weren't invited to Fashion Week."

Hmm. Interesting.

FH, ill let you handle that one.

Imelda Matt - The Despotic Queen of Shoes said...

By the time I laughed my way through this running commentary between the above two, i've forgotten what I was going to post! FH - I can't believe you don't know what a Commodore 64 is...I feel old!

Tricia said...

I know, how funny is the above??!! Love BD & Xmastime!
Even better, I saw Xmastime IRL yesterday and he said "some dumb girl doesn't even know what a Commodore 64 is!" C'est moi! but then I asked everyone at the party if they knew what it was - all the girls looked blank, and all the guys were like "my friend had a Commodore 64!" So it has nothing to do with age, IM, just gender.
And BD, it's all my fault, I invited Xmastime to fashion week, but we didn't have seats so you've got him there!

Always In Style said...

I am in total agreement with your Fall love, you have no idea how much I love to devour all of the fashion rags August issues ripe with autumn loveliness.

These Gap pieces are a nice start -- basics sure but not at all boring.

Anonymous said...

Love the second variant in the 1st row, lol. So hot )))

Hugs from Angel.