Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Drumroll, Please

And the winner of the Marimekko necklace is......Maria! Congrats, Maria. I paid $1 for the H&M headband, and she guessed 99 cents. Maria, send me your address to "," and I'll mail those lovelies out today.

Now, I'm going off the fashion track this morning to discuss my new obsession: the alleged Madonna/A-Rod affair (MadRod? MadgeRod?). Why am I obsessed? Last week, when rumors of a Ritchie divorce were rife, I started compiling a fantasy list of Madonna boyfriends. Here are a few selections:

Hamid Karzai (time for Madge to get into politics, and not in some easy country like France)

Sir Paul McCartney (the new songwriting team, Ciccone-McCartney!)

Andre Leon Talley (Madonna and Andre Leon could overthrow Anna Wintour and rule American Vogue)

Julian Schnabel (surely Madge could get him out of those pajamas)

Who wasn't on my list? A-Rod! I was way off! Let's hear your fantasy boyfriends for Madonna. Rules are it can be ANYONE, don't worry about any messy religious, political or marital status complications.


WendyB said...

Hey, don't be giving away my almost-husband McCartney to some other woman.

Sharon S said...

Oh, I love the Vogue tie up, thats great!!

Elizabeth said...

Miss Madge-O-Rific and Macca would be the most powerful Power Couple ever.

Kira Aderne said...

I love Paul!!

a kiss

Lipstick said...

Such a cute post! I am not sure that Paul's real British accent and Madonna's fake British accent would make for a good couple...

Anonymous said...

ummmm. It's great - the Vogue tie ))))

Hugs from Angel.

aizat.cinta.goddess said...

ALT is the winner!get married ALT!

Seeker said...

So funny and cute post ;)

Congrats to the winner.


Imelda Matt - The Despotic Queen of Shoes said...

Since Madge has gone all 'good will' what about Nelson Mandela?

ps - sorry I've just noticed you'd linked me an I haven't retuned the trade...bad despot...fixing that pronto.

Tricia said...

Wendy: can't you share? I mean, there aren't that many Beatles left to go around.
Sharon & Angel: thanks, it's a Vogue fantasy!
enc: ooh, Macca, good one. I had thought Barak but it seemed so obvious.
kira: what's not to love?!
lipstick: excellent point, she'd have to go back to speaking like a yankee.
Aizat: thanks for the enthusiastic vote!
thanks, Seeker!
And Imelda: excellent choice, Mandela is so going on the list. And isn't "bad despot" redundant?!
LOL to all for encouraging my Madonna obsession!

Always In Style said...

I think you nailed it with Sir Paul but I'm gonna go ahead and say Barack Obama.

I mean, can you imagine Madge in the White House?!

Tricia said...

oooh, Madge in the White House, she'd so outdo Carla!

Anonymous said...

Oooohhh, what a tantalizing list! We're going with the A-Rod option as it provides the greatest likelihood of spontaneous combustion, don't you think? Although there is something enticing about providing ALT with an enforced distraction from ....ALT.