Friday, July 18, 2008

Another Video Shoot

Sorry I've been remiss in my usual blog visiting this week, but I've been MIA getting it together for our video shoot yesterday. Here's some pics:

See Xmastime jogging in the background?

The dress ($218) is by Plastic Island from Macy's Herald Square, level2 of course!

Me & Xmas fight over the makeup sponge.

Luckily, we made up in time for the shot.

Xmastime wonders if he can take his shirt off, too. I said no. Good thing he listened as soon after he had a messy run in with a pigeon. Guess who now owns an A-Rod shirt?

The talent throws a fit and storms away when he finds out he has to carry the purple Steve Madden bag.

The Guys from Three Knights Media, our loving crew!

Hmm, hope V knew the lens cap was on.

The good men at Three Knights Media are in post-production, so after they finish airbrushing Xmastime and me, we'll post the second video. No, just kidding. This is our "shape" video, inspired by Xmastime's, AHEM, diet quest. I don't think there will be any complaints that we, like Vogue magazine, feature too-skinny models in our shape issue. No, it's just us real people wearing cute workout gear from Foot Locker while working out in the New York Sports Club on 34th & Park Avenue. GREAT club, I highly recommend it. And there's another one in Herald Towers on 34th & 6th, right at Herald & Greeley Squares.

click here to see our first video
click here to see me & Xmas' homemade fashion week video with a Posh Spice cameo & the "Queen Mum"

Three Knights Media, 718-305-1673
Foot Locker, 120 W. 34th btwn Broadway & 7th

New York Sports Club, 34th & 6th, and 34th & Park
Macy's Herald Square, 151 W. 34th Street btwn Broadway & 7th


Anonymous said...

Oh man I'm in love with your dress! It's really great. =) I just watched your other videos! You remind me so much of Jennifer Beals! =)

Tricia said...

Ok, Farren, I am now your biggest fan b/c JB was my HERO when Flashdance came out! the exotic dancer & welder who hooks up with the hottie?! it doesn't get any better.
that dress is so cute, and actually a little too short for me but I just wanted to wear it!

Seeker said...

I saw the videos, so great and funny.

These pictures are veery nice, and you look so cute with your dress.


Tricia said...

thanks, seeker, you are too kind!

Prunella Jones said...

Love that dress!

Anonymous said...

Your dress is gorgeous ))) Very funny and nice shots )))

Elizabeth said...

Those videos were fun! I like Xmastime, I'll have to check him out.

You look great in that dress.

Imelda Matt - The Despotic Queen of Shoes said...

I watched the last video and it was great so i'm looking forward to the new vid post.

Tricia said...

thanks, all, SO happy you liked the videos! Enc, you should check out Xmastime's blog, he's outrageous, and sometimes just plain funny. love working with him!