Friday, March 30, 2012

The NFL Shop at Draft Pop-Up

I'm guest-posting today over at the Bryant Park blog, as yesterday I attended the press preview at the NFL Shop at Draft pop-up across the street from the park at 41st Street and Sixth Avenue. This is the first NFL pop-up ever, and it's packed full of exclusives and new merchandise. The store opens on Monday, and the first 500 in line to enter the pop-up get a commemorative NFL coin

More exciting surprises at the NFL store? Great items for women, including a line of Italian bags:

Yes, that's a green suede Jets bag and I'm kind of dying over it. If you're a fan of football, you've got to check out this store.

Click for more info on the NFL Shop at Draft.

NFL Shop at Draft Pop-Up
1095 Avenue of the Americas, between 41st and 42nd Streets on Sixth Avenue
Opens Monday, April 2nd, 11:00 AM

34th Street Weekend Sales Picks: The Flower Show Edition

Macy's Herald Square
This weekend it's all about Macy's, because going to the Flower Show is a must for spring. It's also one of the most distinctive annual events on 34th Street. Visit the gorgeous, floral-inspired windows on 34th Street and Broadway, and hit up the tent for the stunning, Brazilian-themed show. Then go inside the store for the interactive children's garden and the Gucci garden, inspired by their new Flora fragrance collection. Ready to shop? Macy's always has great sales, but this is the first weekend of The Great Shoe Sale. Get 30% off when you buy three or more pairs. Click here for more details.

Macy's Herald Square Flower Show
Broadway Plaza, Broadway and 34th Street

Thursday, March 29, 2012

There's a New Payless on 34th Street

This picture is showing so much 34th Street Partnership, I want to do a "Find our streetscape" game.

Say adieu to the Payless on Eighth Avenue and 34th Street. But you won't be missing it as we've got a brand new shiny Payless down the street from the old locale. It's right next to Joe Fresh and the new DSW Shoe Warehouse. I'm henceforth calling this block of 34th Street between Seventh and Eighth the "West End."

Also there's 34th Street between Eighth and Tenth Avenue. I will call this the "New Frontier." Confusing, yes? Well, I'm no marketing major. Everyone's scared to move to the new frontier because it's far away, very "Westward, ho!" Most likely the retail migration is inevitable. Kudos to Swarovski, DSW, and Joe Fresh for starting the trend in the West End. The West End is getting hot...

...see, Party City! It's opening right next to Payless. Don't pretend like you're not excited, because there is a holiday coming up and where the heck else will you be getting bunny costumes for under $50?

Really scary, and really cute. I can't wait.

Payless 213 W. 34th Street
Party City coming soon next door 

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Fashion Star Episode 3: All About Shorts (and Maxis)

Oh Fashion Star, my prime time frenemy! I'm so hooked on you but am so over your superfluous music acts and cheesy runway, acrobats, dancers, goofy Vegas lighting and all. Why not emulate Fashion Week productions, where you have a nice long runway, 100% focus on the clothes, and the best best music and staging a big city can offer?

So why am I going back for more? Because I adore the panels and I love trying on the clothes the next day. And this show has no pretensions of being Project Runway or creating high fashion pieces. Instead it weekly churns out wearable, cute, and often very affordable looks for your wardrobe. This week it's perfect shorts and pretty maxis. First up, the buy from Macys:

Ross's satin shorts were my favorite item this week. They are perfect. They're so good there was a woman doing her damnedest to get a smaller size off the mannequin at Macy's Herald Square. GO buy these shorts.

Everyone was worried about the fit of Nikki's palazzo jumpsuit, but Macy's has cured all her fit woes. The lavender on the right is baggy because I tried the large for comparison. The groovy print was the biggest surprise, I actually prefer it to the black (not shown). This is an good fit, nice length, easy on and off which we all love for summer, and scores an all around A for Adorable.

Next, the buy from H&M:

Pretty, pretty, pretty. Again, I was in-between sizes with Sarah's H&M dress (this is my post-baby body issue) but this dress is so very lovely and sexy. Yup, you can give Angelina leg in front, and then work that sheer, racerback inset in the back. BUY this now.

Here's what all us girls should steal from H&M men's: Nzimiro's shorts. How freaking cute would these be with loafers? Or go nuts and wear it with a monster platform sandal and a tiny tank. That great oversized sweater is also H&M.

Macy's Herald Square 151 W. 34th Street between Broadway & Seventh Ave
H&M Herald Square 34th Street and Broadway

Strawberry's Spring

Strawberry is really good for spring/summer '12, particularly in the shoe and accessory department. The shoe selection at the Empire State Building locale is more robust than the Manhattan Mall store, as there seems to be more real estate dedicated to footwear. Right now it's packed full of espadrille and sandal love.

Fun, fun, fun is to be found on the lower level. If you think black and white striped espadrilles and trippy, I'm-not-quite-sure-what's-going-on clutches aren't fun, than I can't help you. Move along, please.

Strawberry Empire State Building, 14 West 34th Street 

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Esprit Sale: Go Now

The 34th Street Esprit store is open till the end of April (sales staff noted this very skeptically as stock is flying out of this location), but I'd visit soon to stock up on basic T's and tanks for spring and summer. Last week I picked up two T's (they are $5 each) and three tanks (buy two for $5 each and get one free). After wearing them this past weekend I'm going back for more. The quality is superb for the price and the colors are adorable. Also, the tanks have a solid, double stitched hem on the shoulder straps and neckline, which I love.

I tried on a few dresses, sweaters, and a great lightweight denim jacket. There aren't many left of any, so get there soon. Everything outside of tanks and T's is 60% off.

Esprit 21 West 34th Street

Monday, March 26, 2012

Swarovski for Spring: A Sparkling Aura

It's going to be a special weekend at Swarovski on 34th Street. Not only are the new Spring 2012 jewelry collections blooming, but the boutique will also be celebrating the US fragrance launch. Yes, Swarovski fragrance! I'm thinking odoriferous fabulousness redolent of sparkling, shimmering baubles. You? And Friday night we can all spray ourselves with Swarovski's Aura, as the boutique is throwing a party.

The Aura bottle, note the lovely crystal top. This looks like it will fit easily into one's makeup pouch.
Highlighter and lip gloss contained in slide-top baubles inspired by the Aura bottle, brilliant! I'm not sure if these will be available at the 34th Street boutique, stay tuned. Both photos from

Stop by this Friday, March 30th, from 6-8pm to sample the new fragrance, view the new spring collections, and find out what your Swarovski style is with their Fashion Personality wheel. Spend $150 during the party and you'll receive the satin crystallized cosmetic pouch pictured below. Gifts with purchase always make spring extra sparkly.

Swarovski Penn Plaza 34th Street and Seventh Avenue

Friday, March 23, 2012

34th Street Weekend Sale Picks: The Mid-Season Sale Edition

#1.  Mango
Because they have spring items and dresses on sale for 50% off. I do not need to say anything more than that, particularly if you are already familiar with my Mango dress love.  7 West 34th Street

#2.  Express
Because their mid-season sale means up to 60% off select items and another 20% off clearance AND they're having a BOGO 50% off jeans sale. I adore their colored jeans, go stock up!  7 West 34th Street and Manhattan Mall, level 1

#3.  Strawberry
It's been a long time since I've visited the Berry, and that's all wrong. There's always a great find, and right now it's the spring shoes. Serious selection. 14 West 34th Street and Manhattan Mall levels 1 & 2

Discounted to $49.99.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Lingerie on 3 at Forever 21

The third floor of Forever 21 on 34th Street used to be a place for only the bravest of bargain hunters. It was a mass of marked-down T's, dresses, pants, coats, etc., that often so overwhelmed me as I exited the escalator that I'd just turn around and ride back down to the more controlled madness of the first two floors. But now it looks like this:

Surprise! It's a sweet lingerie nook up on three! What a welcome change. Now we all have a good reason to ride up to three and stay and shop for a while.

Forever 21 50 West 34th Street

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Fashion Star Episode 2: Trying on the Clothes

This is where I try on the clothes Macy's and H&M bought from Fashion Star contestants.

How sweet is Lisa's dress at Macy's? It's not really my style, but totally suits its purpose: simple, lovely work or summer-day-affair type dress. Meaning, you're-meeting-his-parents-at-church type affair.

This week it's pants for Sarah at H&M.

Ugh iPhone pics, forgot my camera!

Fabric is lightweight and slightly stretchy, and the pants hung nicely on the leg. I love the pocket detail and the black band on the waistband, but the fit was off for me again this week, namely because I have a very long inseam. Just a bit too short, otherwise I would have definitely picked up the blue. The white I adore, but they are too see-through for work wear.

Back to Macy's, where the Fashion Star is on the third floor, Broadway side: girls, go try on Nzimiro's shirt. It rocks.

There's also some Week One selections further back towards the Starbucks on the third floor, including lots of Lizzie's tunic in purple (only a few in black), a few of Nikki's caftan in white eyelet, and lots of Edmond's dresses in white (just a couple left in black).

Hm. I'm feeling very Jane Austen/I need to go read in the garden. Not exactly me.

Whoa, mama! This is a dress? One wrong bend and you're seeing that which should not be revealed in public. I'd definitely pair it with leggings, though!

H&M Herald Square 34th Street & Sixth Avenue
H&M Penn Station 34th Street & Seventh Avenue
Macy's Herald Square 34th Street between Broadway & Seventh Avenue

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Super Spring at Desigual 34th Street

You know it's spring when Herald and Greeley Squares start getting these:

All flower photos by Sarah Xu.

And Desigual starts selling these:

Available online now, and in the 34th & 5th Desigual store by the end of April. Happy first day of Spring!

Desigual 358 Fifth Avenue at 34th Street