Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Fashion Star Episode 2: Trying on the Clothes

This is where I try on the clothes Macy's and H&M bought from Fashion Star contestants.

How sweet is Lisa's dress at Macy's? It's not really my style, but totally suits its purpose: simple, lovely work or summer-day-affair type dress. Meaning, you're-meeting-his-parents-at-church type affair.

This week it's pants for Sarah at H&M.

Ugh iPhone pics, forgot my camera!

Fabric is lightweight and slightly stretchy, and the pants hung nicely on the leg. I love the pocket detail and the black band on the waistband, but the fit was off for me again this week, namely because I have a very long inseam. Just a bit too short, otherwise I would have definitely picked up the blue. The white I adore, but they are too see-through for work wear.

Back to Macy's, where the Fashion Star is on the third floor, Broadway side: girls, go try on Nzimiro's shirt. It rocks.

There's also some Week One selections further back towards the Starbucks on the third floor, including lots of Lizzie's tunic in purple (only a few in black), a few of Nikki's caftan in white eyelet, and lots of Edmond's dresses in white (just a couple left in black).

Hm. I'm feeling very Jane Austen/I need to go read in the garden. Not exactly me.

Whoa, mama! This is a dress? One wrong bend and you're seeing that which should not be revealed in public. I'd definitely pair it with leggings, though!

H&M Herald Square 34th Street & Sixth Avenue
H&M Penn Station 34th Street & Seventh Avenue
Macy's Herald Square 34th Street between Broadway & Seventh Avenue


WendyB said...

You do look spectacular in that last one!