Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Say Hi to the New Dogs in Town

The Super Bowl, Fall Fashion Week, and now the Westminster Dog Show. I love February in New York.

The Finnish Lapphund, Myles, walking across Seventh with his owner. The dogs were much better behaved then all us people crowding around to take pictures, of course.

Before fashion week officially starts, I'd like to pay homage to the new dogs in town. Above are several of the six new breeds walking across Seventh Avenue, aka Fashion Ave, near the welcoming arms of Madison Square Garden, the Westminster venue. Naturally, these aren't "new" breeds but they are new to Westminster. Click here for a list of all six. Hickory, a Scottish Deerhound and last year's Best in Show, led the new dogs across the street.

Hickory, walking with host David Frei. Is she not gorgeous? And she just had puppies! What a pro.

OMG, the Cesky Terrier, Katrina, what a doll!

The Xoloitzcuintli, Alma Dulce. I'm going to call her breed the XO. Hairless, chic with the jewels, and fabulous in interviews.

And now a little photo montage of my favorite, the Norwegian Lundehund, aka the Puffin Dog as the Norwegians used them to hunt puffin birds in rocky cliffs. It's the facial expression that kills me.

The Lundehund, Eowyn, with her owner Harvey Sanderson: So chill, so well-tempered, and I just love the face. She reminds me of my cute but evil cat. I think they'd make a great team. Her owner said the Lundehund makes an excellent apartment pet. 

Don't freak: this was like second nature to Eowyn. Harvey is showing that she's got six toes and is double-jointed. Also, she can bend her head backwards along her spine. This is all to help her hunt vertically.  Flexible and cute, she's awfully versatile. In the background is the American English Coonhound, what a beauty. 

A rare perked ears shot. Her owner says when the ears are down she's bored, which was the case through most of the press conference. Attitude, I like it.

Return next week for more dog news, as I'll be reporting from Westminster Monday and Tuesday, in between the other fashion shows. 


Meg said...

I have so much fun hanging out at the Hotel Pennsylvania during Westminster. Dog people are just so...original.

Elizabeth said...

Lovely! Thanks for all these great pictures.

Tricia said...

Lindsay, we need to hang out at the dog show! and yeah, I notice that about dog people. Very original.