Friday, February 24, 2012

Carlos Miele Fall '12

Carlos Miele is always a favorite show of mine, and if someone asked me why, I would say "the clothes and the music." In Miele show world, the two work hand in hand. There's a good reason why a Miele dress moves like a dream down the runway, as it's got music woven into its genes.

In years past there was Seu Jorge and Max de Castro [please excuse the wonky old links, victims of a redesign], and this year there was the Brothers Souza performing on the runway. The DJ's accompanied a collection inspired by the Brazilian gaúchas, which I thought was most successful the more literal the translation. Hey, I'm a sucker for a cute hat.

photos from

 Gorgeous without hats...

 freaking fabulous and hatted...

 meh, where's the hat?

Showstopping with and without hat.

And to end, I'll throw in a few of my action, behind stage shots, because I love the view one has from these seats. Below is Carlos Miele making the models all perfect before their turn on the runway.