Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Carlos Miele Fall 2009

This post is SWAK to the cute, tall PR dude at Carlos Miele yesterday who let me run into standing room last minute. Another Brazilian musician starred. I love the Miele shows.

And I imagine a Carlos Miele would fill big gaps in my closet if I were the urban girl who bought A. Wang and DarylK and Monarchy (hard edge!), but then needed something more upscale, or wanted to play dress up, for a little event. I need me some of this life, check out these:

Click to get closer to those great booties. And I love yellow and black in check.

Deep purple fur, coming and going.


I fell for this little dress, hard.

Coming and going again, pleated chiffon dress w/embroidered sash. Both views are fabulous.

And the live music was, again, a great accompaniment to the show (remember Seu Jorge last season?). Brazilian multi-instrumentalist Max de Castro performed, playing his guitar (big, light green Ibanez?) while working the runway. Brazilian beats meet Miles Davis, and couldn't have suited the collection more. Here's a shaky video of the finale (so hard to keep that little camera still) with Max de Castro playing:

Perfect soundtrack for private party on veranda in Miele silk gown drinking champagne enjoying the view and warm ocean breeze.....


Anonymous said...

Beautiful show, love the purple and fur combo, so rich! Thanks for the scoop, as always.

Prunella Jones said...

That little purple dress is adorable.

Make Do Style said...

Purple is gorgeous and well done you racing in at the back!!

Anonymous said...

That black gown (the backless one) looks stunning, he sure knows how to drape fabric! Just lush and posh!

KATLIN said...

Liking that purple dress with the shoulder action!

Sister Wolf said...

Purple fur!!! Why don't you just kill me! I need it.

Grayburn said...

I like this collection...the colors are great!

x Grayburn