Thursday, February 26, 2009

Hit the Beach at Kmart

My man's spring break is next week, so I'm fantasy vacationing on and In between getting lots of work done, of course. All the tropical daydreaming reminded me of the cute beach totes I saw at Kmart a few weeks ago:

All Joe Boxer, $16.99 and $19.99.

There were also lots of cute straw hats:

The basic floppy, the trampy cowboy, and a more refined cowgirl.

Cute belted fedoras, men's fedora (of course my favorite), classy cloche.

All are $9.99 except for the men's fedora which is $14.99. A perfect price for a hat that can get blown into the ocean and sat on in the sand with few regrets. And regrets from my Kmart trip? Not sticking around to see if I won the drawing for the free gold necklace. I still have the coupon. Do they do this every hour? This totally appeals to my church/ice cream social raffle/bingo roots. And now I'm pretty sure I know how I'm going to be spending my dotage.

Kmart, 1 Penn Plaza (250 W. 34th) btwn 7th & 8th Aves.


Anonymous said...

Those rumpled straw hats are just calling to me. But since we're in the middle of a BLIZZARD (not exaggerating), I think I'll hold off for now.

Anonymous said...

Great finds! I totally need a new cheapo beach hat, although the fedora is a bit K-fed for me.

Tricia said...

and isn't the metallic cowboy totally stripper chic? perfect for OTT beach days.

Danz said...

I guess I've become quite used to the sun beating down on my skin so I usually don't feel the need for hats. Hmm...doesn't hurt to get a few though. I quite like those men's fedoras.

Thanks for the lovely comment you left on my bday post! I really appreciate it :)

Also, just to let you know, I'm having a blog contest and the prize is a Rachel Leigh Sex and the City-inspired studded belt. I hope you'll check it out!

the.ramonas said...

that white hat with the stripped ribbon is amazing!!! lovee it! i want to go to the beach!!!!! good day tomorrow for new york! yaiii!


Imelda Matt - The Despotic Queen of Shoes said...

I play a pretty fierce game of bingo myself...catch you on the circuit.

Prunella Jones said...

I'm a Target girl myself. K-Mart is too high falutin' what with their Martha Stewart sheets and all.

Songy said...

What a great value. I didn't realise you have Kmart in the US as well. I suppose AU didn't invent that store. :)

tor (fabfrocks) said...

Glad straw fedora's are still "in"! I can wear mine again this year and not have to spend a penny! :)