Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Guess Who

Try and guess which celebrity designer's name is on these:

I really like this lightweight trench ($44.99), but the belt is a little flimsy.

Thin patent trench with la leopard lining, $33.

On sale for $91, these leather jackets fit surprisingly well.

A more fun design, I kind of prefer it loose ($34.99).

Hint: the institutional dressing room paint and flooring. Think big box. I have never posted on this store before.
Hint II: her character drove a brown Mustang on the TV show that made her famous.
Update/Hint III: the TV show was remade into a movie in 2000. Ok, now I'm giving it away!
Update/Hint IV: Kati got the right store, KMart, but she hasn't revealed the designer yet. Anyone? She was my favorite Angel.

I'll post up the answer later. And instead of offering up a tasty prize tidbit, I'd like to give the proper guessers a big pat on the back! Currently the Fashion Herald larder is bare, as, like many others, we're cutting back. And speaking of back and the bad economy, I'll get back to lingerie in a few days as I really have to visit the huge floor that is Macy's Herald Square intimates section. Sadly, many of you heard yesterday that Macy's announced 7,000 job cuts. 7,000. My heart goes out to all those people losing their jobs, and I hope they all get back in the work force as soon as possible. So far The Brooklyn Paper is reporting that jobs in Herald Square, Brooklyn's Fulton Mall, and Staten Island are safe. It's going to be a challenging year.

Kmart, 1 Penn Plaza, 250 W. 34th btwn 7th & 8th Avenues


Anonymous said...

I assumed this was all Guess brand ... clearly not the case. Loving the patent trench, tho!

Gawd 7,000 lives are about to change for the worse. Ugh.

Tricia said...

oh, duh, of course you would think that! hmmm, should change title...and i know, the retail news just gets worse every day.

Anonymous said...

Boo - not good at this guess - but do tell and quickly I want that leather jacket!!!

WendyB said...

That orange jacket is darn cute!

Tricia said...

posting another hint, cause i really want to tell!

Anonymous said...

Youre at Kmart! I googled the answer... is that cheating?

Tricia said...

nah, you're too young to remember the show anyway!

Wendie said...

Ah, yes. Jaclyn Smith.

Sister Wolf said...

SHIT, I knew it was her but I forgot her name! Anyway, black patent plus leopard is always good.

Tricia said...

Wendie: well done! i forgot she drove a brown mustang until i read it on imdb.
Sister: she must have learned this rule at some point during the show.

Anonymous said...

the patent trench is so lush, i like.

Songy said...

You always good really cool with short leather jackets, lady!~