Sunday, February 15, 2009

Party with Models

Thanks to the fabulousness that is Armed and Akimbo, I was able to drag my mustachioed husband to the Next Models Anniversary Party at Marquee Friday night. We met Jeffrey outside and were soon inside drinking anything but the green drinks being passed around, and taking pictures.

Jeff, me and the mustache, all in plaid. I swear we didn't plan this, but I guess this means we really are mountain men. That's my mom's old vest from a 70's pantsuit.

Due to bags being left home (me) and all-plaid wardrobes (Jeff & Stache), we were dressed down, but who cares when you can look at models. I have no idea who she is, sorry, I'm a bad model stalker.

Then my man had a boy conversation with some Alabama modeling cuties in the men's room, which unfortunately I wasn't personally privy to and so don't have a picture. I think the mustache induced some kind of country boy talk, like "where you from down south?" And then the usual boy talk about bodies/working out ensued. Sigh.

Unfortunately, we couldn't stay late enough to witness the supermodel arrival, which should have included Karlie Kloss, Molly Sims, Abbey Lee and the like. But really, after a few runway shows, I'm kind of more interested in looking at fabulous boys:

Many thanks to AnA. All should visit Armed and Akimbo for the best fashion week reviews, party postings, and advanced ability to name all models and their stats. And who knows, if you comment enough you may be invited to big model parties next season. Bon appetit!


Anonymous said...

You and your husband are adorable! So I was just in Zara and thought of you, and now I know what you look like! (promise not a stalker)

Great pics of the boys, and well done on all the NYFW pics you have. Photography is not my strong suit, so I sooo appreciate your pics! Thanks, keep it up.

Sister Wolf said...

It's great to see you and the husband! thanks for all the good reporting.

eeps. said...

btw looooove the bangs on you. your hubby looks like a mountain bear of fun, you can tell him i said that!