Thursday, September 15, 2011

Ruffian's Fabulous Thoroughbred

I'm going to sound a little stupid when I say this, but Ruffian's Spring 2012 collection was one of the best literal translations of an inspiration without being too literal that I've ever seen. As in, the show was inspired by horse racing but we didn't have actual horses or jockeys on the runway. No, seriously, the racing theme was evident (Ruffian was named for the famous filly racehorse) but it was a joyous and chic translation, and one I'd happily stock in my closet.

My photos, while not great, capture the gorgeous pops of color that can be found on jockey silks. Click to check out the shoes, Ruffian's take on a popular Vince Camuto style in amazing colors that can be reserved here.

And the official photos from the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week site: