Friday, September 16, 2011

34th Street Weekend Picks: Desigual by Lacroix, Part II (the great part)

#1. Desigual
Because I am no longer at all disappointed by the Desigual by Lacroix collection, as the entire collection is now at the 34th and Fifth Avenue store and it has absolutely fabulous Lacroix-like pieces. Get there soon, there are only two scarves left, and the must-have, very-Lacroix leggings are going fast (the blues are only in XS and S). Also, the winter coats are genius. If I ended with "the collection rocks" my trendy fashion adjectives might be completely exhausted. The sale angle? $5 off each full-priced item.  358 Fifth Avenue at 34th Street

The blue leggings, only XS & S left.
The patchwork denim flounce actually works adorably with this, and is removable. I must have this jacket. I bought the leggings because I'm not stupid.
Classic Lacroix jacket. I'm not advocating leggings as pants here, I just forgot to grab a skirt.
#2. Banana Republic
Because they are having a 40% off sale on pants and tops, and 30% off belts. Go straight to Heritage Collection for this perfect striped combo. The top will be forty off, splurge on the cropped jacket.  17 West 34th Street

#3. Esprit
Because if you buy any bottom, you get the second pair 50% off (full-priced bottoms only). Go straight to these tweed shorts with the pleated waist ($69.50) on the first floor, and then get the same pair in a different color. I'm obsessed, of course.  21 West 34th Street