Thursday, August 11, 2011

Desigual by Lacroix

Every time I'm trying something on at Desigual on 34th Street, I gauge my love for an item by asking myself if it's Underwear Party Worthy. This means, would I stand in front of the store for hours in my underwear to get two items for free.

I'd seriously consider standing on 34th Street in my underwear for the above two Desigual by Lacroix pieces. I didn't think much of the jacket ($244) on the hangar, but it's adorable on, and the attached sleeves are so much fun, and it's so comfortable...and I think the cropped cargo pants ($139) are perfect. I'd also be tempted to leave the big "L" for Lacroix tag hanging off them.

The grey sweater ($139) is like getting two for one, as the sleeveless black shirt with the ruffled collar and hem is detached. I wasn't 100% on the sweater or the shirt on the right, though. 

I'm not so crazy about the dresses, either. Although that black top/dress (left, above) is totally not me, too graphic, I kept coming back to it. I tried on a few other dresses, but nothing special, and some downright ugh. My two cents? This collaboration is more disappointing than fabulous. It felt too Desigual and not enough Lacroix. It was a challenge finding the Lacroix in the store as it looked like everything else around it. The very Lacroix cropped black velvet jacket was not at 34th Street. Also, no leggings from the runway shot, no big, cowl-neck sweater, and no very Lacroix skirt. But prices are great, the same as the regular Desigual line. And girls in love with the current pattern mixing trend? Go discover Desigual already!

The Desigual by Lacroix line is available at:
Desigual 34th Street 358 Fifth Avenue at 34th Street