Wednesday, August 17, 2011

European Style Hunt: Day Two

This month, in the dog days of summer, I'm posting a weekly diary entry from a designer friend who travels the world for inspiration, fabric samples, and all the other myriad things a fashion company needs from abroad. For five days on her European spring trip, while sourcing material for Spring 2012, she took some notes and photos while working from city to city, and reported for us some current must-have looks and trends...and I'm looking for these  now on 34th Street.

Day Two…Secret Garden 
*This Season’s florals take on every scale, from exploding brush strokes of petals to ombre wash effects inspired from remote tropical botanicals. This mix of everything colorful is staged in a retrospective of gardens from around the world.  Marc Jacobs & Missoni have both been influenced this season by the perfect ‘blush reds & berry tones’ which have a sun drenched, rich hue. Accents with yellows are the perfect compliment to bold floral accessories. 
*Dream Must Haves: *Mulberry’s floral bag, floral T-Shirts,Perfect in Pink Sandals (Dior)

Editor's follow-up:

Note the floral Esprit window in our designer's inspiration board. I dropped by the Esprit flagship on 34th Street this morning to check out their current floral situation, and while the store was not yet open (*ahem* it was after 10am, retail foul), their windows were bursting with fall floral. Love the mix of floral prints with fall jackets and sweaters.

Esprit 21 W. 34th Street between 5th and 6th Avenues