Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Another One Got Away?

Here's a big problem in my line of work, with this constant trying on of clothes: regrets. I've had a lot more than a few. And here's another:

I should have gotten this JCPenney MNG by Mango dress, right? It's a cute print, it's 20% off ($79.92), it's an easy cut, and I would totally wear it in the fall with boots/booties (transition piece...). But honestly, in the dressing room I thought it made me look fat. I don't own a lot of dresses, so perhaps I'm excessively exacting when it comes to dress shopping. Am I asking for too much? Should I run back to JCPenney Manhattan Mall tomorrow and ransack the sale rack? I'm thinking yeah.

JCPenney Manhattan Mall Lower Levels 1&2, 33rd Street & Sixth Avenue


WendyB said...

Non-buyer's remorse is a bitch. Do whatever you can to avoid it!

Xmastime said...

i dont like the ruffled top. but hey. all i am is a fashion expert.

Make Do Style said...

I think yes! It looks easy breasy!!

As for holiday books if you haven't read 'Girl with a Dragon Tattoo' that is a must - all three probs! Life was enjoyed by Mr MDS, petit garcon loved the pics and asked lots of direct questions