Monday, August 8, 2011

European Style on the Hunt: Day One

This month, in the dog days of summer, I'm posting a weekly diary entry from a designer friend who travels the world for inspiration, fabric samples, and all the other myriad of things a fashion company needs from abroad. For five days on her last trip in the spring, while sourcing material for Spring 2012, she took some notes and photos while working from city to city, and reported for us some current must-have looks and trends. She prefers to be anonymous, but I'll call her Incognito Girl for now because it's getting late on a Monday, naming things is hard, and every other stylist seeking and trend hunting name is taken. Yes, this is called #fashionbloggerproblems. Read on below and look for 34th Street follow ups this fall to see how these summer trends translate through the fall...

Day One….Denim & Dots.

*Sonya Rykiels S/S’12 Collection has inspired this season’s mix of bold black and white polka dots and color blocking. What’s fresh to reinvent this spring’s statement? It's worn head-to-toe in your outfit. Denim has also made a strong statement in the stores for summer. Denim wash shoelaces? They're just the tip of the denim trend. Denim is also hot for the interior…teapot cozies, patchwork denim cushion covers and framed vintage denim patches.

Must HavePatchwork Knits at Ralph Lauren. Classic utilitarian gets an update with denim washes and deconstructed knits.