Monday, August 29, 2011

European Style Hunt: Day Four

This month, in the dog days of summer, I'm posting a weekly diary entry from a designer friend who travels the world for inspiration, fabric samples, and all the other myriad things a fashion company needs from abroad. For five days on her European spring trip, while sourcing material for Spring 2012, she took some notes and photos while working from city to city, and reported for us some current must-have looks and trends...and I'm looking for these now on 34th Street.

Day Four: Kimono Belts

*Kenzo...brightly colored Kimono belt straps with double wrap-around wider straps seen with the double knot finish. Both fabric and leather belts are updated with this knot finish and eastern influence. Perfect with a maxi dress to simplify and streamline the waist. A simple ribbon tie was also seen against a print dress.
Must Have: Double wrap-around brightly colored belt.

Editor's Note:

Now I'm obsessed, I need that Kenzo belt, but without the Kenzo price, so I'll be hunting 34th Street. In the meantime, I saw this kimono jumpsuit restocked at H&M Herald Square recently, but sadly still not in my size.